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Washington City Paper's Best of D.C. is here, with lots of LL-friendly topics like "Best Campaign Tactic" and "Best Cooperating Witness." [WCP]
Now Yvette Alexander is considering an at-large bid. [LL, Post, Post]
Muriel Bowser, David Catania don't like the school boundary proposals. [Housing Complex, Post]
Neither do the parents who came to a meeting at Coolidge High School. [Housing Complex]
Don't worry about lame duck [...]

Shutdown Fight Makes Strange Bedfellows for Gray and Norton

This afternoon, Republicans in the House of Representatives passed a bill over Democratic objections that would appropriate money to keep the District government running during the shutdown. That's as far the bill will go, though. Opposed to "piecemeal" bills that get around the shutdown's effects, the White House says Barack Obama won't sign the bill.
That's awkward [...]

Morning Links

The federal shutdown is here. [City Desk]
But D.C. is open. [WAMU, Post, LL]
What's open, what's closed. [WAMU]
Superior Court weddings are off for the duration of the shutdown. [Post]
After Marion Barry's censure, Phil Mendelson proposes splitting up his committee. [Post]
D.C. film incentives program's failure can be blamed, improbably, on Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson. [WBJ]
Department of Labor refuses to give the Department of [...]

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Vince Gray introduces his CFO nominee, Phoenix's Jeff DeWitt. [Post, WAMU, LL]
Phil Mendelson's legislation to avoid the shutdown would pay employees from the rainy day fund. [DCist, Times]
Rep. Darrell Issa says he doubts Congress would punish D.C. for staying open. [Roll Call]
David Catania grills education officials over test scores, Gray spokesman compares it to McCarthyism. [Post]
Ex-health care finance official steered a [...]

Morning Links

D.C. United stadium deal includes $150 million from the District, Reeves Center swap. [Post]
Stadium political problems for the mayor include Marion Barry and populist mayoral candidates. [Post]
Deal offers a way out of the Reeves Center for the city. [Housing Complex]
Soccer deal would displace gay club. [Blade]
Metro raises its standards, but not by much. [WAMU]
Darrell Issa's [...]

Issa Introduces Budget Autonomy Bill

Rep. Darrell Issa's giving it another shot. The California Republican introduced another bill last night that would give the District some budget autonomy, and it passed the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee today.
Issa's bill would allow the District to spend its own money if Congress hasn't passed a budget by the start of the [...]

House Oversight Committee Probing Gandhi, Former Employees Say

The U.S. House committee tasked with oversight of the District government is taking a close look at the D.C. Chief Financial Officer Nat Gandhi's office, according to former OCFO employees.
The attorney for Eric Payne, the former contracting officer who has sued the city over allegations that he was fired for resisting political pressure over the [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Where’s the Trust? Edition

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Post HTJ Ward 5 Pep Rally

Good afternoon sweet readers! Ricky Williams is still playing football!? [...]

The Issa Man Cometh

If any would-be challengers to Rep. Darrell Issa, a California Republican, want to use the old chestnut that the incumbent congressman has “gone Washington,” they would have done well to listen to District officials sing Issa’s praises in recent days.
Just listen to Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry, who says he was “shocked” by Issa’s initial [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Just the Beginning Edition

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From The Archives: Eric Holder Way Back When
Like Fenty, But Grayer

Good morning sweet readers! Yeah, those Benetton ads are [...]