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Harry Thomas Jr. Staffer Indicted in Ball Scheme

Well, that's that. Almost two years after kleptocrat Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. went to prison, his schemes have resulted in one final criminal charge, with former Thomas staffer Neil Rodgers indicted today on counts of theft and fraud.
In 2009, Rodgers allegedly used his position as the director of the D.C. Council's parks committee to steer drug prevention money out [...]

Graham Headed to Children’s Trust Board

Just about four years ago to the day, former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. helped throw a pricey party at the Wilson Building to celebrate the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Dubbed the "51st State Inaugural Ball," the fiesta didn't raise enough money selling $51 tickets to cover its costs (which included a performance [...]

Feds Charge HTJ Associate on Tax Count

Danita Doleman, a former associate of Harry Thomas Jr., appears to have taken a plea deal with the U.S. Attorney's Office. Doleman was charged today with lying on her taxes, court record show (which the Examiner was first to report.)
LL was the first and only reporter to figure out that Doleman was INDIVIDUAL #4 in [...]

The Other Shoes Keep Dropping

Former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. is due in court next Thursday to learn exactly how many years he’ll be spending in prison (if any) for stealing more than $350,000 of taxpayer money.
The sentencing will provide a symbolic bookend for Thomas’ political career. But don’t expect much closure: The aftereffects of his misdeeds will [...]

Unsolved Mystery in the HTJ Case

Later today, Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham will be hosting officials from the Children & Youth Investment Trust Corporation for a yearly oversight hearing. Graham told The Washington Times that he will be asking "substantial questions" of the CYITC, which disgraced former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. used as a vehicle to steal $350,000 [...]

Millicent West, Key Figure in Thomas Case, Resigns (UPDATED)

Millicent West, who oversaw the Children & Youth Trust Investment Corp. during part of the period while disgraced former Ward 5 Coucilmember Harry Thomas Jr. used the CYITC to steal public money, has resigned from her current post as director of the District's homeland security agency, two Wilson Building sources confirm.
LL was first to report [...]

What is ORGANIZATION #3 in the Harry Thomas Jr. Case?

One of the mysteries of the Harry Thomas Jr. case: Who are the two unnamed organizations that court records indicate gave Thomas kickbacks on city grant money?
According to the statement of offense that Thomas swore was true, one unnamed organization—referred to as ORGANIZATION #3 in court records—gave Thomas a $5,000 kickback on a $10,000 grant [...]