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Jack Evans: Bring the Pigskins to D.C., Name Change or Not

Play ball, says Evans

Pigskins Exec: Team Won’t Change Its Name for District Stadium

More bad news for a potential Pigskins move to the District

Bowser Administration Courts Pigskins With Nats Tickets, But No Snyder Meeting Yet

Bowser tries to bring back the Pigskins.

Council Passes Resolution Against Pigskins’ Name

So much for Dan Snyder's lobbying efforts. Despite the Washington Pigskins owner's attempt to rally the team's fans into contacting councilmembers, the D.C. Council passed a resolution this afternoon asking the organization to change their name because it's a racial slur for Native Americans.
The legislation passed with ten votes, with Councilmember Yvette Alexander voting present. Vincent [...]

Morning Links

After Vince Gray vetoes the living wage bill, Phil Mendelson maneuvers to attempt override on Tuesday. [WAMU, LL, Post]
Here's where Gray got the figure that the bill would kill 4,000 jobs. [Housing Complex]
Evidence that Jeff Thompson funded a shadow campaign for Hillary Clinton could, somehow, help Gray. [Post]
Investigation into Thompson focuses on role of Minyon Moore in Clinton campaign. [Post]
WSJ predicts big things from the Thompson scandal. [...]

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Who needs a bigger win: Mayor Vince Gray or the Washington Redskins?
The Skins are on a four game skid, have no viable option at quarterback, and the odds of them winning the Super Bowl are currently 400 to 1.
But those problems pale next to the mayor’s. His most noteworthy accomplishment appears to be providing a [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Leave Your Guns At Your Expensive Home, Bill Edition

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The Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder

Good morning sweet readers! Babies do, in fact, have necks, who knew? News time:
Bring [...]