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Former Taxi Commission Chairman Ron Linton Dies at 86

Linton pushed taxi modernization

Morning Links

Uh-oh: Congressman who tried to strip D.C.'s gun laws wants to take over the House committee on D.C. [Washingtonian]
Jim Graham explains his strategy for fighting pop-up buildings. [Housing Complex]
Cab commission cracks down on cabbies using Square credit card readers. [Post]
Cabs could get color schemes earlier with vouchers. [Post]
Cop accused of pimping heads to court today. [...]

D.C. Taxi Regulations: The Movie

At last, via the libertarians at Reason, the intermittent regulatory fight over luxury sedan service Uber has been immortalized in a short documentary. In case your tolerance for local politics filtered through Milton Friedman isn't as high as LL's, the highlights are below:
0:07:  Jim Graham opens Uber Wars by giving Uber CEO Travis Kalanick the bureaucratic equivalent of this famous scene from [...]

Morning Links

Mayor Vince Gray signs a deal committing the biggest D.C. United stadium projects to unions. [WAMU]
Marijuana decriminalization could mean increased revenue from fines. [Times]
Donald Trump unveils his Old Post Office plan. [WBJ]
Trump meets the D.C. Council: "This is the power." [Housing Complex]
Marion Barry and the Donald get close. [City Desk]
Taxi commish Ron Linton thinks the FTC is giving him a "direct [...]

Morning Links

New fire department ambulance rollout this morning conflicts with delays on other vehicle purchases. [Post]
Vince Gray, Kaya Henderson visit schools on the first day of classes. [Housing Complex]
Cardozo Senior High opens with $130 million renovation. [Post]
Muriel Bowser promotes her free-bus-rides-for-students bill. [WAMU]
Bowser, Kenyan McDuffie unconvinced on D.C. United stadium deal. [Post]
Post ed board wants the D.C. Taxicab Commission abolished. [Post]
Tommy Wells agrees. [...]

Tony Cheng and Son Indicted Over Taxi Bribery Scheme

Politically connected Chinatown restaurateur Tony Cheng and his son have been charged with bribing public officials to get taxi licenses.
Cheng and his son, Anthony R. Cheng Jr., wanted licenses to operate cab companies, according to a press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office. In an attempt to get around a moratorium on new licenses, they [...]

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Barry Scorned

During the Ward 8 straw poll in March LL noticed Anthony Muhammad*, a longtime confidante of Mayor-for-Life-turned-Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry, campaigning for one of Barry's opponents, Sandra Seegars.
After chit-chatting about the race, LL asked Muhammad how Barry reacted when he found out Muhammed was backing one of his opponents. (Barry, if you didn't know, [...]

Taxicab Color: Does it Matter?

What is the big deal about D.C. having multicolored taxis?
The taxi-medallion legislation introduced earlier this year would require that all cabs be painted black. Now Ward 6 Councilmartyr Saint Tommy Wells just asked new D.C. Taxicab Commission Commissioner Ron Linton about the possibility of requiring a uniform cab color.
Linton said he's well aware that the [...]

“Sheer Insanity” as Reporters Arrested at Taxicab Commission Hearing

The folks at the D.C. Taxicab Commission and the U.S. Park Police have got some splainin' to do, as two reporters were arrested today during a DCTC meeting for, you know, reporting.
Pete Tucker, a journalist at and a frequent advocate for independent taxi drivers, and Jim Epstein, a producer and journalist for, were [...]