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Loose Lips Daily: Baby LL Has Arrived Edition

Good morning sweet readers. Since your normal Loose Lips, Alan Suderman, is busy being a new dad, and everyone else in the Washington City Paper office seems to be cashing in unused personal days, management has brought me (Michael E. Grass) in to cull your daily dose of local District politics. First off, I'm happy [...]

D.C. Republicans Prefer Democrats—And Sarah Palin

If Mayor Adrian Fenty winning the Republican nomination as a write-in candidate, even though he couldn't accept it without registering with the GOP, paints D.C.'s Republicans as a little bit odd and quixotic, their runner-up write-in choice just makes them look sad.
Though we here at City Paper were theorizing that it might be current [...]

Dear Votemaster: What’s Up With Early Voting?

With changes initiated by the Omnibus Election Reform Act of 2009, D.C. voters will be confronting a few new ballot procedures and ways to ease the voting process for the upcoming Sept. 14 primary. Early voting will start Monday!
Between now and the primary, we'll explore a number of questions we think many voters will have [...]