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Mendo Helps Derail Bowser Anti-Crime Measure

McDuffie versus Bowser—again!

Bowser Barnstorms to Pressure Council on Crime Bill

Bowser takes on McDuffie, again

Bowser Gets Poor Reviews on Crime, Overall Numbers Drop

Residents restless over murder rate

Crime Hearing Goes Long, Gets Testy

Long-awaited hearing heads into the night

Muriel Bowser Goes to Jail

Bowser announces new release plans for inmates.

Bowser Touts Gun Haul, Points to Re-Offender Connection

District tops 109 homicides this year

Hearings Moved Yet Again for Gray Investigation Figures

Remember this?

As Murder Rate Rises, Bowser Administration Gets Defensive

Bowser administration gets punchy

Activists Crash the Unveiling of Bowser’s Anti-Crime Plan

The mayor's crime announcement gets disrupted.

Packing Heat: A Wave of Gun Crimes and Homicides Tests Bowser Admin

The mayor and police are struggling to explain what’s caused the District’s recent spike in violent crimes.