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As Murder Rate Rises, Bowser Administration Gets Defensive

Bowser administration gets punchy

Activists Crash the Unveiling of Bowser’s Anti-Crime Plan

The mayor's crime announcement gets disrupted.

Packing Heat: A Wave of Gun Crimes and Homicides Tests Bowser Admin

The mayor and police are struggling to explain what’s caused the District’s recent spike in violent crimes.

Facing Homicide Spike, Bowser Offers More Money for Gun Tips

Tip off the police to a gun, get $2,500

Grosso Wants to Decriminalize Prostitution in D.C.

David Grosso sides with Amnesty international

Permit Expediter Accused of Paying Off DCRA Staffers With ‘Lunch Money’

That's a pricey "lunch."

Evans Aims to Tow Cars from Men Who Solicit Prostitutes

Det. Evans, vice unit

Michael Brown Will Do Scared Straight! -Style Presentations for District Employees

Don't be a crook, says Michael Brown.

A Rev. Motley Mystery

What'd the reverend do?

Former Union Chief Pleads Out on Shotgun Charge

Union boss packs heat, literally and figuratively.