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A Rev. Motley Mystery

What'd the reverend do?

Former Union Chief Pleads Out on Shotgun Charge

Union boss packs heat, literally and figuratively.

Vince Gray: “I Wish That This Were Over With”

Ex-mayor talks Machen

Ron Machen Resigns Without Getting His Man

Vince Gray outlasts the now-departing U.S. Attorney

Lawsuit: D.C. Police “Regularly Share” Pilfered Nude Photos

Lawsuit says cop made off with nude pics

Federal Prosecutors Are Still Taking Their Time with Jeff Thompson

The federal investigation plods along

Dancing Councilmembers Figure in Harry Thomas Jr. Associate’s Trial

Dancing isn't a crime. But funding it might be.

Warrant: Alleged Outburst Not Christopher Barry’s First Incident at Bank

The Ward 8 candidate is currently being held in the D.C. Superior Court's lockup.

Christopher Barry, Marion Barry’s Son, Reportedly Involved in Bank Altercation

The younger Barry, who's running for the Ward 8 seat, is in legal trouble again.

Kwame Brown’s Back, So Read His FBI File

How the feds took down "Fully Loaded."