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Constituent Fund Reports: Water Bottles for Everybody

It look a little while, but all the councilmembers have turned in their October constituent service fund reports (except for David Grosso, who doesn't have one). Ostensibly, the funds are meant to help residents with issues like utility bills and rent, which isn't always how things work out. On to the goods:
Jack Evans' sports tickets, a regular [...]

Police Report: McDuffie Staffer Tried to Repay Bar Bill Without Being Noticed

Here's a new wrinkle in the story of one-time Kenyan McDuffie staffer Tim Clark, fired last week after allegedly paying bar tabs with constituent service funds. According to McDuffie committee analyst Adrian Jordan, who apparently discovered the missing money, Clark tried to pay back the bar bills without anyone noticing.
In an interview Friday with the [...]

OCF Swats Down GOP Complaint

The Office of Campaign Finance has ruled that District politicians are free to use their constituent service funds to donate to political organizations as long as the donations aren't for political purposes. The ruling several months after the D.C. GOP charged that almost every councilmember was a rotten rule breaker for having donated constituent service funds [...]

Jack Evans Keeps His Sports Tickets

Back when LL was writing a cover profile of Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, the sticky subject of Evans’ penchant for spending large amounts of his constituent service fund on pro sports season tickets came up.
The problem, as Evans saw it, wasn’t that he was leveraging his public office for front-row seats at Nats games, [...]

Fact: Constituent Service Funds Are a Joke

If you wanted proof that the D.C. Council isn't really serious about ethics reform, listen no further than councilmembers' full throated defense of their goofy constituent service funds.
Throughout yesterday's hearing on Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser's omnibus ethics bill, various councilmembers  gave impassioned soliloquies in favor of the funds and intimated [...]

Anti-Bundling Tommy Wells Took A Bundle, May Do It Again

Ward 6 Councilmartyr Saint Tommy Wells wants to ban campaign bundling. But he took bundles of cash from at least two restaurateurs during his re-election campaign last year and says he may do so next time, too.
Bundling, for the unawares, is the practice of a campaign donor using multiple entities to circumvent maximum donation limits.
Since [...]