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America’s Worst Politicians, as Chosen by Its Alt-Weeklies

In honor of the Fourth of July, the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies compiled a list of America's worst politicians, edited by Miami New Times editor Chuck Strouse. A couple from D.C. made the cut, thanks to LL.
Quite a few of these folks were inflicted by our fellow Americans on the nation as a whole, by getting [...]

Issa Introduces Budget Autonomy Bill

Rep. Darrell Issa's giving it another shot. The California Republican introduced another bill last night that would give the District some budget autonomy, and it passed the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee today.
Issa's bill would allow the District to spend its own money if Congress hasn't passed a budget by the start of the [...]

Santa-Impersonating Congressman Doesn’t Like District’s Traffic Cams

A Michigan congressman is working on a bill that would outlaw the District's speed and red light cameras. But it's not because he has a lead foot, his spokesman insists.
Freshman Rep. Kerry Bentivolio, who moonlights as a Santa Claus impersonator and reindeer rancher, doesn't even have a car in Washington, according to spokesman Matt Chisholm. [...]

Mayor Vince Gray, D.C. Councilmembers Arrested!

Mayor Vince Gray and several members of the D.C. Council sat down in the middle of Constitution Avenue NE near the Hart Senate Office Building late today to protest "riders" in the budget deal Congress and the White House reached Friday night, which ban the District from using local funds to pay for abortions and [...]

EHN to Congress: Bottled Water is for Suckers

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, who represents a jurisdiction that's had more than its fair share of problems with unhealthy amounts of lead seeping into its drinking water, is urging members of Congress to save the taxpayers a few bucks by drinking tap water instead of bottled water.
"The new House Republican majority, on a hunt for [...]

House GOP Wants Your Money

There's been plenty of speculating and fretting that the new Republican-controlled House may make unwelcome forays into District politics, stirring up trouble on social issues like gay marriage or medical marijuana. But in the end, it'll probably all be about the Benjamins.
Witness the newly released list of proposed federal budget cuts from a group of [...]

House Republicans: No Vote for You!

The District may not know which bright-eyed, bushy-tailed freshman Republican will be using all 601,723 of us as political props next year, but one piece of bad news from a Home Rule standpoint has already arrived from Capitol Hill.
For the last four years, under Democratic rule, D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton has been able to [...]

D.C. Breaks 600,000

The District's population was 601,723 on April 1, the U.S. Census Bureau announced this morning—meaning the city's population grew by about 5.2 percent from the 2000 Census, which counted 572,059 Washingtonians.
The 2010 Census was the first to find the District's population growing since 1950—when the city grew by 21 percent, reaching a population of 802,178 [...]

Welcome, Republican Overlords

LL had the honor of telling Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton that his Twitter account was telling him the House had officially flipped and was now in the control of the GOP.
"Surprise, surprise," she said.
But relax, Norton said, all is not lost.
"I have absolutely no reason to believe that this is an automatic swing against everything [...]