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Year of Plenty: The Joys of Off-Cycle D.C. Council Seats

There’s one big reason Kenyan McDuffie might want to change seats: the election cycle.

They’re Here, They’re Not Queer, Get Used To It

The D.C. Council doesn’t have any out gay members. Does it matter?

Count on It: The Ward 8 Special Election Goes Into Overtime

In a tight race, a Trayon White win comes down to provisional ballots.

Mr. Todd’s Wild Ride: Muriel Bowser’s Candidate Coasts in Ward 4

Barring some catastrophic change in the race, Todd will handily win the Ward 4 special election on April 28.

He Rests His Case: Ron Machen Resigns Without Charging Vince Gray

A year after Jeff Thompson's plea, it looks like Machen’s iceberg wasn't so big after all

Checkbooks and Balances: The Campaign’s Over But Racine and Bowser Are Still Taking Money

What do you do after spending $226,000 of your own money on a race? Earn it back.

Premium Rush: Bowser Picks Grab Campaign Cash Before Loophole Closes

The LLC loophole is gone, but it'll still affect special elections

Electric Boogaloo: Pepco Sale Opponents Face the Company’s Connections in District Government

Pepco has juice in the District government

Million Dollar Gravy: Jeff Thompson Put Big Money Into School Tied to Health Official

Jeff Thompson tried his hand at school investing with a District government connection

Bring the Campaign: Decades of District Politics, All in the Ward 8 Race

One race, a whole lot of candidates