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FreshPAC Worked For Muriel Bowser—Until It Didn’t

Green Scheme

Swallow the Leader: Opposition to Bowser and Her Agenda Grows

The honeymoon may be over for Mayor Bowser.

Vincent Orange: The Post Did Me Wrong

Vincent Orange has an unlikely beef with the Post

Keely Thompson, Unhelpful Snitch

For a second there, Keely Thompson seemed like U.S. Attorney Ron Machen's best chance to add another elected official to his collection of Wilson Building crooks. Thompson, busted for pilfering city grant money to fund his gambling habit, claimed that he gave kickbacks to Ward 1 D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham. It doesn't take much to convince the feds to [...]

Morning Links

Kaya Henderson isn't leaving D.C. to work for Bill de Blasio. [Informer, WAMU, Post]
David Catania says there's an "extremely high" chance he'll run in the general election if Vince Gray wins the primary. [Post]
Michael Brown gets a new court date. [Post]
So do Jeff Thompson associates. [LL]
Jim Graham likes poll, not enough to make sure it's paid for. [LL, Post]
Post ed board goes in for another round of [...]

Morning Links

Jim Graham, who still hasn't announced his Ward 1 re-election plans, heads to News Channel 8 at 10 a.m. for an announcement. [Twitter]
Who are Vince Gray's voters? [Post]
Gray: lack of voting rights for District has parallels to apartheid. [WAMU, Post]
Colby King: Gray wants to "win at all costs." [Post]
Police chief Cathy Lanier discusses officers connected to child porn and [...]

Morning Links

Minimum wage bills set for D.C. Council hearing today. [Post]
Colby King: Time for Ron Machen to make up his mind on Vince Gray. [Post]
Gray extends freeze on hiring. [Times]
Post ed board backs pot decriminalization bill. [Post]
Bus catches fire. [NBC 4]
Eight people injured at Howard homecoming. [Times]
Three former schools open to charters. [Housing Complex]
Feds seize former Washington Times reporter's records. [Times]

Morning Links

Post investigation finds delinquent tax liens auctioned off, with homeowners losing their properties for as little as $134. [Post]
Auctions were plagued by suspicious bidding. [Post]
Mayor Vince Gray calls investigation's findings "unacceptable." [Twitter]
Department of Health proposes 24-hour tattoo waiting period. [City Desk]
Nearly 350 DCPS teachers get late or incorrect paychecks. [Post]
Colby King: Jeff Thompson is "toast." [Post]
Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton expects more progress [...]

VO and the Mystery Campaign Worker

In case you missed it late last week, Councilmember Vincent Orange tried to push back against Washington Post columnist Colby King's assertions that there was something amiss with Orange's campaign in last year's special election.
At issue was whether veteran campaign worker Vickey Wilcher actually worked for Orange's campaign. In his Oct. 6 column, King quoted an [...]

Council Investigate Jim Graham? Don’t Bet On It

The opinion mavens at the Washington Post are mad as hell that Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham tried to trade his support for a would-be lottery contractor in exchange for getting the developer he wanted on a Metro development in his ward.
A recent report commissioned by Metro found that Graham, a former Metro board chairman, [...]