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Orange Scolds Gray on Small Business Spending, But Mayor Says the Numbers Are All Wrong

Did D.C. fail to spend $1 billion intended for local small businesses? Depends which Vincent you ask.

Despite Vincent Orange’s Request, Gray Officials Skip Emancipation Day Hearing

The final D.C. Council-run Emancipation Day came and went two weeks ago, but diehard booster Vincent Orange isn't done yet. In a Council hearing on the local holiday this afternoon, Orange and chief of staff James Brown laid out their theory that Orange and other Emancipation Day organizers couldn't have anticipated the $116,000 in unexpected overtime costs that cost [...]

Thies: Blame U.S. Attorney for Gray Loss

Vince Gray campaign manager Chuck Thies blames his boss's nearly 12-point loss to Muriel Bowser in the Democratic mayoral primary yesterday on one man.
"One thing changed this election: Ron Machen," Thies said.
Speaking after Gray's concession speech to a knot of reporters, campaign workers, and Gray administration staffers in the Hyatt Regency Ballroom, Thies explained. He said the U.S. Attorney's Office's March 10 plea [...]

More Trouble for Mayoral Candidate Christian Carter

City contractor Christian Carter's July 20 mayoral campaign kick-off featured an unlikely guest: an employee of the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services with an affidavit for the new candidate to sign.
Carter, caught in a dispute with the city over payments for producing the 2014 Children's Budget, claimed that Mayor Vince Gray was punishing [...]

Mayoral Candidate Christian Carter Accused of Stiffing Subcontractor

Most District politicians wait until they're in office to be accused of stealing city money. But not Christian Carter, the 30-year-old city contractor who announced his run for mayor last week. Carter's campaign kick-off Saturday had some unlikely crashers: District officials.
The payment dispute centers on the 2014 Children's Budget Report, which Carter's New Columbia Enterprises [...]

Gray’s COS Marks One-Year Anniversary

Chris Murphy, the mayor's chief of staff, is celebrating his one-year anniversary today. That's something of an accomplishment in this town, as many of his predecessors  haven't been able to last nearly as long. LL wrote about the short shelf-life of top mayoral traffic cops last year after Murphy was appointed as part of an [...]

Gray’s Other Meeting with the Other Guilty Campaign Aide

The Washington Post has news today that Mayor Vince Gray allegedly met with shadow-campaign-enabler Jeanne Clarke Harris in January to discuss off-the-books spending that helped his 2010 mayoral campaign.
From the Post's Mike DeBonis and Nikita Stewart:
At the time of the January meeting, the official Gray campaign was pulling together an amended report to submit to [...]

Catania No Fan of Gray’s COS or Spokesman

Here's an update from Friday's post about At-Large Councilmember David Catania making some pointed remarks on The Kojo Nnamdi Show about the relationship between the Gray administration and D.C. Medicaid contractor/political donor/target of federal raid Jeff Thompson: Gray's chief of staff Chris Murphy says Catania ought to keep his trap shut.
“Council Member Catania should be [...]

Posting Up

When Mayor Vince Gray’s new chief of staff, Chris Murphy, was hired this summer, one of the first things he did was take over the mayor’s languishing communications shop.
Murphy immediately had one-on-one meetings with reporters, started trading emails and phone calls with hacks, and, most recently, eased out the mayor’s spokeswoman and replaced her with [...]

Last Post on Double Dipping Cops

LL was ready to concede the fact that nobody cares if a couple million dollars or so of District money is misspent and let this week's column about more than two dozen retired cops improperly double dipping quietly die. But then LL got an email from Mayor Vince Gray's chief of staff last night complaining [...]