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Jeff Thompson’s Former Company Sues Him

Add a few more allegations to the accusations against purported 2010 shadow campaign financier Jeffrey E. Thompson. In a lawsuit filed today against Thompson, his former company—Medicaid provider D.C. Charter Health Plan, now under court-ordered rehabilitation by the Department of Insurance, Securities, and Banking—alleges that Thompson used a variety of schemes to help another one [...]

How to Fix D.C.’s CBE Program

Mayor Vince Gray and Councilmember Vincent Orange are headed for a showdown today over the fate of a bill designed to increase the amount of city and construction funds being awarded to Certified Business Enterprises.
Gray proposed reforming the much-maligned program, which is supposed to increase the share of  District-based businesses get of city contracts and [...]

Appeals Board Tosses Jeff Thompson’s Protest

Jeff Thompson, the alleged financier behind the biggest campaign finance fraud case in city history, is not giving up control of his Medicaid managed care organization quietly.
Thompson is currently suing the city in D.C. Superior Court over the proposed sale of Chartered Health Plan, the single biggest provider of health insurance to the city's poor. [...]

Medicaid Competitor Alleges Jeff Thompson Got Special Treatment

A former competitor to alleged mayoral "shadow campaign" financier Jeff Thompson's Medicaid managed care organization says Thompson's Chartered Health Plan received improper special treatment from city officials in 2004.
Advantage Healthplan, the competitor, is currently in a long-running legal dispute with the District before the Contract Appeals Board, where it's seeking damages that could add to the [...]

Oh Irony! Jeff Thompson Alleges Corruption in D.C. Contracting

How's this for irony: the man at the center of the investigation into Mayor Vince Gray's 2010 campaign, which prosecutors say was tainted by "backroom deals" and unreported cash, is alleging there's corruption in District contracting.
Jeff Thompson says the District government turned a blind eye to corrupt contracting practices that shut out his Medicaid managed [...]

Chartered Health Throws $30,000 Open-Bar Event Despite Receivership

The Medicaid managed care organization owned by Jeff Thompson, which the city seized control of two months ago because of its shaky finances, threw a black-tie gala last night that cost about $30,000 and featured an open bar, according to the city-appointed receiver.
Chartered Health Plan, a publicly funded health provider that serves about 110,000 low-income [...]

Chartered’s Crappy Record

Yesterday, District officials put a number—$4 million— to the so-called "financial irregularities" occurring at Chartered Health Plan, the Medicaid managed care organization that the city recently seized from alleged shadow campaign financier Jeff Thompson.
Chartered's books can't account for $3 million in revenue and $1 million in expenses. Specific details about where this money came and [...]

Mess at Jeff Thompson’s Medicaid Company in “Seven Figure” Range

As if Jeff Thompson doesn't have enough problems. The man at center of the federal investigation into Mayor Vince Gray's campaign is about to soon lose control of his Medicaid contracting company, Chartered Health Plan, after an internal audit found financial irregularities.
Details of those irregularities have been scarce. According to city officials, they fall into [...]

Jeff Thompson Looking For Quick Sale on Downtown Office Building

If you're in the market for a great deal on downtown real estate, you may want to give Jeff Thompson a call.
The man in the middle of a federal investigation into an alleged shadow campaign the feds say helped Mayor Vince Gray win the 2010 election is currently selling the crown jewel of his real [...]

The King of Campaign Cash

Last summer, Jeffrey Thompson, a politically connected accountant whose Medicaid-managed care firm holds one of the District’s largest contracts, had a short meeting with a councilmember up for re-election.
After some chit-chat, the two talked turkey.
“He said, ‘How much do you need,’ and I came up with a number, and he said he would raise it,” [...]