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Gray’s Former COS Went to Bat For Sulaimon?

If you're a reader with a lax boss, you might tune in to the entertaining (but very, very long) D.C. Council hearing on the Gray administration's hiring practices.
There's been plenty of grandstanding by councilmembers Mary Cheh, David Catania and Marion Barry. Cheh's trying to show she's serious about investigating her close ally's administration; Catania's trying [...]

OIG to Sulaimon Brown Investigation: No Thanks

The District's inspector general, Charles Willoughby, said his office won't be taking up Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown's request that he investigate l'affaire Sulaimon because Sulaimon Brown once interviewed for a job at the OIG.
Here is Willoughby's statement. Meanwhile, NBC4's Tom Sherwood is reporting that Brown is currently meeting with FBI agents.
LL is sure [...]

Lots of Love From Gray for IG

As part of his efforts to control political damage from Sulaimongate, Mayor Vince Gray has asked both his attorney general and the D.C. Council to investigate claims his campaign aides gave payments to failed mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown and improperly promised him a city job.
Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown has, in turn, asked the [...]