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Judge: Attorney General Irv Nathan’s Personal “Honor” in Question

The more-than-a-decade-old Pershing Park arrest civil suit has a new twist: A federal judge says that Attorney General Irv Nathan's "personal and professional honor may be called into question" over an allegedly untruthful filing from his office.
At issue is a court filing with Nathan's name on it that said there was an ongoing investigation being [...]

Former MPD Tech Boss Charged With Theft

The former IT boss for the Metropolitan Police Department has been charged with theft for allegedly using city-funded cell phone service after he was fired, according to court records.
Travis Hudnall was fired as the executive director of MPD's Office of Information and Technology in June 2010, according to a report in the Examiner. (The report [...]

Chief Lanier: Speeders Not Deterred by $50 Tickets

Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier says $50 or less tickets from speed cameras will provide "absolutely no deterrent" and that speeders will consider the fines at that level the "cost of doing business."
Consider it a $100 toll (there and back) on your daily commute. You won't even notice.
Lanier's comments came just moments ago at [...]

Who Else Should We Speculate Will Run For Mayor?

Let's play the who-will-run-for-mayor game. The Washington Post kicked things off over the weekend by noting how low Mayor Vince Gray's political stock is at present and how three councilmembers, Muriel Bowser, Jack Evans, and Tommy Wells, are already sniffing around a potential run.
The Post also said a law-and-order type outsider may make for a good [...]

Is Police Chief Cathy Lanier Worth $11 Million?

WTOP's Mark Segraves is first with the not-very-surprising news that the Gray administration has signed Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier to a new five-year deal. Lanier consistently gets high marks in public opinion polls, so it's no surprise that the mayor wouldn't want to part with the Fenty administration's most popular holdover.
LL suspects that [...]

Police Chief Sues District Over Douple Dipping

Lou Cannon, chief of the D.C. Protective Services Police Department, is suing the District in federal court over a recent pay cut after the city caught wind that he'd been receiving both a full salary and a pension, in apparent violation of the city law.
Cannon is joined by five other retired Metropolitan Police Department officers [...]

Last Post on Double Dipping Cops

LL was ready to concede the fact that nobody cares if a couple million dollars or so of District money is misspent and let this week's column about more than two dozen retired cops improperly double dipping quietly die. But then LL got an email from Mayor Vince Gray's chief of staff last night complaining [...]

Should D.C. Try to Get Double Dipping Money Back?

In this week's column, LL reports that more than two dozen retired police officers had been improperly receiving a full salary and a pension until very recently. One thing LL didn't have much space to discuss was the city's plans, or lack thereof, to try and recoup what's likely millions of misspent District tax dollars.
"While [...]

Disaster Pay

File this one under “nice work if you can get it.”
More than two dozen retired police officers who were rehired by the District, including the chief of the police agency that protects government buildings, have been improperly paid both a full pension and full salary for several years even though the D.C. Code prohibits that, [...]

Cop Staffing Levels Will Be in “Trouble” For Nearly a Year (Updated)

Mayor Vince Gray announced today one of his biggest job initiatives so far: hiring 300 new cops.
The mayor set aside the money to hire the police back in June. Apparently now it's go time, as the Metropolitan Police Department is gearing up to restart a police academy that's been dormant since February, according to FOP [...]