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Activists Crash the Unveiling of Bowser’s Anti-Crime Plan

The mayor's crime announcement gets disrupted.

Packing Heat: A Wave of Gun Crimes and Homicides Tests Bowser Admin

The mayor and police are struggling to explain what’s caused the District’s recent spike in violent crimes.

Facing Homicide Spike, Bowser Offers More Money for Gun Tips

Tip off the police to a gun, get $2,500

MPD Staffer Sues Over Alleged Canadian Discrimination

It's aboot a discrimination lawsuit, eh?

Guard Fail: Report Finds Security Holes in D.C. Government Buildings

Security at One Judiciary Square could be bypassed by entering through an adjacent food court, according to an OIG report.

Judge in Gun Case Denies District’s Stay Request

Court injunction lifted requirement to have a reason to carry a gun.

Muriel Bowser: No Pot Nightclubs for D.C.

Legalization won't allow getting high in private clubs.

Bowser Backs Pot, Turns Down Retrocession on Meet the Press

Muriel Bowser goes national.

MPD Is Now Issuing Body Cameras to Some D.C. Cops

Five different kinds of cameras will be tested, and the videos will be subject to FOIA. (Don't worry, officers can turn them off in the bathroom.)

Crash Course

Twenty-year-old Arnell Robinson andMetropolitan Police Department Officer Michael Pepperman started on opposite ends of the 400 block of O Street NW on the afternoon of March 6, 2009. Robinson rode an unregistered motorbike; Pepperman, on his way to sign warrants at the courthouse, drove an unmarked police Ford Taurus. Only one of them would make [...]