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New Poll: Catania Closer to Bowser in Mayor’s Race

He's eight points behind in a pro-business nonprofit's poll.

Mayoral Power Rankings, General Election: Week 3

Who's up, who's down, who's a green puppet monster.

Mayoral Power Rankings, General Election: Week 2

Bowser wins again. But who loses?

Bowser, Catania Clash On Records At First Debate

The campaign for mayor isn't starting out very politely.

Salute Your Schwartz: Carol Schwartz and Her Outsized Personality Make Another Shot at the Mayoralty

Carol Schwartz says voters miss her. The feeling's mutual.

Muriel Bowser Has a Big Lead in New Post/NBC4 Poll

Muriel Bowser leads by double digits in a Post/NBC4/Marist survey

Catania, Bowser Score Top Ratings From Gay Group

The Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance says gay voters in D.C. can't really lose this fall.

Republicans Cry Foul Over Alleged Mud-Throwing Bowser Radio Ad

The D.C. GOP is pissed about an ad alleging "dirty tricks."

Bowser Commits to Only Four Mayoral Debates

Sorry, civic groups

Catania Polling Memo Claims to Show Dramatically Tightened Mayor’s Race

David Catania is practically tied with Muriel Bowser...according to Catania's poll.