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Former Mayoral Candidate Files for Bankruptcy

Quixotic campaigns for mayor don't pay the bills, apparently

The Bus Stops Here: Carlos Allen’s Nice Ride

Mayoral candidate Carlos Allen’s campaign is probably more known for its monstrous 40-foot, 1985 Mercedes campaign bus than it is for any of its policy ideas. The Democrat, who is currently polling at 0 percent, agreed to give City Paper a tour of his bus after he finished talking to a Wilson High School class [...]

Mayoral Power Rankings: Week 10

The only thing more trustworthy than Jeff Thompson in today's Kojo Nnamdi Show/Washington City Paper poll? The Mayoral Power Rankings.
1. Muriel Bowser
What: After lagging behind Gray in earlier public polls, Bowser is now tied with him in a new one from City Paper and The Kojo Nnamdi Show with 27 percent each. She sent out this ostensibly hip mailer, and [...]

Listen to the Loose Lips Mayoral Debate Here

Lots of voters and nearly the entire mayoral field came out for last night's Washington City Paper debate at the Black Cat. But there's good news for Vince Gray and anyone else who couldn't make the forum—you can listen to it below.
If you want even more LL debate action, come back to the Black Cat Tuesday night [...]

Mayoral Power Rankings: Week 7

With the Winter Olympics over, the Mayoral Power Rankings are the only spectacle left that combines both influence-peddling and tests of endurance. 
1. Jack Evans
What: Statistically tied with Tommy Wells for third place in the NBC4/WAMU/Informer poll, Evans is cutting loose. Still, he remains unable to resist a downer policy speech at a debate, even Wednesday night's live broadcast [...]

Muriel Bowser Plans a Televised Response to Gray Speech

District politics: It's just like Congress! In her latest attempt to climb out of the crab bucket that is the field of Vince Gray challengers, Muriel Bowser will deliver a televised response to Gray's "State of the District" address.
Bowser's campaign promises that the response will reveal "Bowser's vision for the future of D.C." When LL heard this, he froze. [...]

Bowser Wins Her Home Ward’s Straw Poll, But Without Enough Votes for an Endorsement

At the end of last night's Ward 4 straw poll at Paul Public Charter School, newly minted Vince Gray campaign political director Steve Glaude walked over to Gray chief of staff Chris Murphy. It looked like Gray would only have enough votes to come in a close second, but in rival Muriel Bowser's home ward, they agreed, that was almost as [...]

White House Party Crasher Carlos Allen Runs for Mayor, Again

When he ran a longshot campaign for mayor in 2010, White House party crasher Carlos Allen won less than 2 percent of votes cast. Four years later, Allen's back and running again, now with the rap alias Mayor Allen.
Running a hopeless campaign for mayor seems like a decent way to get attention for a rap career. [...]

Loose Lips Daily: On the TV Edition

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No Match For You

Carlos Allen Misquotes Yogi Bear?

Fenty Campaign Folks Landing City Jobs

Good morning sweet readers! LL is [...]

Watch: Carlos Allen Compares Vince Gray to Yogi Bear

LL caught up with longshot mayoral candidate Carlos Allen yesterday while leaving Almost Mayor Vince Gray's Ward 5 townhall meeting. Allen spoke a little smack about Gray, saying the D.C. Council Chairman didn't say anything substantive and is ducking responsibility for unpopular moves made by Fenty (like increasing parking meter rates) that Gray allowed to [...]