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Bowser Rakes in Last-Minute Contributions From Lobbyists, LLCs

With the mayoral primary's outcome still unknown on Monday, deep-pocketed campaign contributors had already picked their winner. While Vince Gray reported just $750 in his last campaign finance report, Muriel Bowser received $17,700 in contributions the day before the election.
Bowser's last-minute donors included lobbyists, attorneys, and developers as far afield as Florida. Among Bowser's contributors:

Lobbyists Gregory Proctor ($1,000) and Lori [...]

Jim Graham on Jeff Thompson’s Support for Opponent: “I Have Been Seriously Victimized”

Among the candidates D.C. campaign finance figure Jeff Thompson backed illegally, according to information filed by prosecutors in connection with Thompson's guilty plea today, was Jeff Smith, who ran a losing Democratic primary campaign against Ward 1 D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham in 2010. Smith, who finished 35 percentage points behind Graham (but four votes ahead of fellow challenger Bryan [...]

Orange Wants to See Campaign Finance Report on Gray Campaign

Vince Gray wasn't exactly making a Nostradamus-like leap when he warned that his mayoral opponents would want to hear more about his 2010 campaign, and now his prediction has come true. In a press release from his D.C. Council office, fellow mayoral Vincent Orange says he'll introduce a Council resolution asking for the release of the long-delayed [...]

Payback Is a Hitch

Phony campaign loans are starting to rival straw donations and shadow campaigns as the Rosetta Stone for understanding corruption in the District. There’s former Councilmember Michael Brown’s $20,000 “gift”— from an unnamed businessman whose description in court papers sounds a lot like federal investigation target Jeffrey Thompson—which Brown reported as a personal loan to his [...]

Michael Brown’s Magic Money

The next set of D.C. campaign finance reports are due in two days, and it looks like former Councilmember Michael Brown could be reporting a tidy haul.
Brown doesn't have a figure of how much he's raised immediately available, but he's been on a fundraising tear this last week.
Brown says he was in Los Angeles on [...]

Corporate Campaign Donations, Now Less Transparent

Critics of the District's campaign finance system say the current setup gives too much power to developers, contractors, and other business types with access to multiple limited-liability corporations. An individual who controls 10 separate corporations can write 10 separate checks—all at the maximum level—and be perfectly legal. Not only can that individual far surpass the [...]

Barry Misses Campaign Finance Reporting Deadline

Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry's re-election campaign missed the Oct. 10 filing deadline with the Office of Campaign Finance as well as an extension that ended Friday, an OCF spokesman says. Barry will have to explain why he didn't file on time and faces the possibility (though very remote) of having to pay fines, OCF [...]

Gray Unironically Expresses Support for Good Government

Mayor Vince Gray has an odd way of showing his support for good government.
Instead of responding directly to allegations that his 2010 mayoral campaign was a hotbed of corruption illegally funded by a city contractor, Gray had his attorney general draft new legislation aimed at undoing the city's "pay-to-play" culture. Yeah, you read that right: [...]

Michael Brown: Someone Stole From Me!

At-Large Councilmember Michael A. Brown has just put out a release saying one of his longtime campaign aides has been stealing from his campaign funds and the police are investigating at his request.
Brown wouldn't say who the aide was, but he did say that he's taken over as his campaign's treasurer, since he was the [...]

Vince Gray Wants to Change D.C. Campaign Finance Laws

Mayor Vince Gray is seeking changes to the District's campaign finance law that would, if enacted, dramatically change the way D.C. pols raise money for their campaigns.
At a D.C. Council committee hearing going on right now, Attorney General Irv Nathan outlined new proposals from the mayor that Nathan said will be part of legislation introduced [...]