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Mendo Changes Budget Schedule After Court Win

Budget questions loom ahead of October deadline.

Budget Autonomy Court Order Upstages Budget Vote

The Council passes a budget with an uncertain future.

Bowser Changes Mayoral Position, Wants to Enact Budget Autonomy

Bowser, unlike Gray, backs budget autonomy.

Bowser Could Back Budget Autonomy Amendment

But the CFO has his mind made up.

Judge Rules Against Budget Autonomy Referendum

So much for that idea. Despite a 2013 referendum, the District can't just grant itself budget autonomy, according to a federal judge's opinion issued this morning.
The ruling is a loss for the D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson, who sued Vince Gray and Chief Financial Officer Jeff DeWitt to make them abide by the referendum after D.C. Attorney General Irv Nathan said it had no legal [...]

Budget Autonomy Fight Gets Its Day in Court

The fight over the District's budget autonomy went to U.S. District Court this morning, with Judge Emmet G. Sullivan considering whether the provision, approved in a referendum last year, is legal.
The lawsuit, initiated by D.C. Council chairman Phil Mendelson, seeks to force Vince Gray and Chief Financial Officer Jeff DeWitt to abide by the terms of the voter measure.
If the Council's side [...]

Gray Brings Legal Heavyhitter to Budget Autonomy Case

A supporter of the D.C. Council's side in the lawsuit over District budget autonomy floated a counterintuitive theory to LL recently: that defendant Vince Gray actually wants to lose, since a defeat of the mayor's more cautious approach to budget autonomy would mean more power for the city's government.
Well, apparently Gray's not that eager to lose. According to [...]

Budget Autonomy Fight Could Be Resolved by Mid-May

The D.C. Council's fight with Mayor Vince Gray over budget autonomy could be resolved only two weeks before the Council has to make its first vote on the mayor's budget, according to a schedule laid out today in a federal court hearing over the lawsuit filed by the Council and Chairman Phil Mendelson against Gray and Chief Financial [...]

Gray Warns Mendelson of Budget Disaster

The District could face a self-imposed shutdown or even the return of the financial control board if the D.C. Council passes a budget later this year that follows the 2013 budget autonomy referendum, Vince Gray and Chief Financial Officer Jeffrey DeWitt warned in letters to Council chairman Phil Mendelson this afternoon.
While Gray's administration and attorney [...]

D.C. Won’t Get Caught in Another Shutdown This Fiscal Year

The shutdown deal passed in Congress yesterday only keeps the federal government running until Jan. 15, meaning the country could be only three months away from another shutdown. A potential future shutdown then would be easier on the District, though, because, the deal includes a special provision to allow the District to spend its own funds [...]