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October Campaign Reports: Everything Else

The mayoral candidates weren't the only ones who had to report their campaign finances last week. Read on for the reports, and a not-so-surprising appearance from shadow Senate candidate Pete Ross' bank account.
Ward 1
Brianne Nadeau
Raised: $12,966. Spent: $4,819.33. Cash on hand: $54,875.86.
Nadeau outraised Bryan Weaver, her nearest Ward 1 competition, by about $4,000. Among Nadeau's donors: former Ward 6 [...]

Ex-Council Staffer Beverley Wheeler Enters the Ward 1 Race

LL wondered in yesterday's column whether candidates in Ward 1 could throw the race to incumbent councilmember Jim Graham, if he does decide to run. Right on cue, the race now has a third challenger.
Beverley Wheeler, an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University and education consultant, filed papers with the Office of Campaign Finance yesterday. Wheeler, a 23-year [...]

Here Comes Your Graham

The way some people in Adams Morgan talk about Councilmember Jim Graham, he sounds more like the neighborhood heavy than Ward 1’s elected representative. He gets things done, one man says, but no one ever promised Graham a lifetime appointment.
Another man who says he’s thinking about voting against Graham concedes that he owes a lot [...]

LL Campaign Finance Round-Up: Everything Else

You've seen the hauls from last night's mayoral campaign disclosures. Here's what's going on money-wise further down the ballot.
Ward 1
Brianne Nadeau
Raised: $21,980.14. Spent: $10,592.32. Cash on hand: $46,163.86.
With eight months until the Democratic primary (or ten, if it's moved to June), Ward 1 incumbent Jim Graham still hasn't declared whether he's running again. Ward 1 candidate Brianne Nadeau, on [...]

Is Terry Lynch Running in Ward 1? Ask His Website.

Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham already has two challengers in Brianne Nadeau and Bryan Weaver, and Graham hasn't even said whether he'll run for reelection. The field could  be even more crowded, though, if gadfly Terry Lynch jumps in.
Lynch—dubbed "Washington's most annoying man" by the Post— has already set up a draft website for his campaign. LL [...]

Never Too Early: Jim Graham Gets Opponent for 2014

If you want to knock off an incumbent D.C. councilmember, it never hurts to start campaigning early. Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown did it when he beat Harold Brazil in 2004. And newly elected David Grosso spent more than a year campaigning in his successful bid to unseat Councilmember Michael Brown.
Now comes former ANC Commissioner Brianne [...]

How VO Says He Landed An Endorsement

Today on WPFW, LL and Councilmember Vincent Orange had a discussion about the veracity of LL's reporting concerning Orange's 2011 special election. LL has reported at length on the links between the key players (Jeff Thompson, Vernon Hawkins, Jeanne Clarke Harris) in the alleged shadow campaign that U.S. Attorney Ron Machen says illegally helped get [...]

Mr. Second Best

David Grosso has that look crazy people get when they’re absolutely convinced a miracle is about to happen. The expected miracle: Grosso will upset At-Large Councilmember Michael A. Brown in November’s election.
Conventional wisdom says the little-known Grosso, a vice president at a health insurance company and former council staffer, doesn’t have much of a chance. [...]

Anti-Corporate Giving Activists Will Sue D.C. Elections Board

The folks who want to ban direct corporate contributions from D.C. political races say they did, in fact, gather the required numbers of signatures to get their initiative on November's ballot and the Board of Elections can't count.
Earlier this month, the BOE ruled that the anti-corporate giving folks, known as D.C. Public Trust, were 1,726 [...]

Contest: Name This Crew

LL needs help nicknaming the group of like-minded politicos who seem to be taking turns running unsuccessfully (so far) for office. The gang includes Sekou Biddle, David Grosso, Pat Mara, and Bryan Weaver.
Leave your suggestions in the comments. LL reserves the right to ignore them all.
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