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FreshPAC Worked For Muriel Bowser—Until It Didn’t

Green Scheme

FreshPAC Will Close After Becoming a “Distraction”

FreshPAC expires

Swallow the Leader: Opposition to Bowser and Her Agenda Grows

The honeymoon may be over for Mayor Bowser.

Bowser PAC Treasurer Does Same Work for Bowser-Tied Campaign

Very cozy

Contractors Make Big Contributions to Bowser PAC

The mayor rakes it in

New Bowser-Affiliated PAC Pulls In Around $300K

Good news for Bowser-backed candidates

Bowser: D.C. Needs “Real Change”

Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser launched her mayoral campaign this morning outside her childhood home in North Michigan Park, telling a group of 100 or so supporters, reporters, and lookers-on who crowded onto 7th Street NE that the District needs new leadership so it can be "the most responsive and the most innovated government in [...]