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CFO projects another budget surplus. [Post]
Jeff Thompson-tied Pennsylvanian pleads guilty to acting as a straw donor. [Post, Times, LL]
Pigskins name beloved. [Post]

Baltimore Schools Have Really Strong Masking Tape

Apologies to the Post's Bill Turque for missing this great blog post in LL's daily roundup. Turque recounted schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee sharing her war stories from her first year of teaching second grade in Baltimore, 18 years ago.
Rhee had poor class management skills, she said, recalling that her class "was very well known [...]

Undecided: Job-Creation Edition

AUGUST 5: It's the Economy, Stupid!
Today's Event: Gray rolls out massive workforce development plan containing about 879 ideas and only partly comprised of gibberish. Gray's plan would apparently establish enough new advisory groups, taskforces, and committees to solve the city's unemployment problem on its own–though the city budget might be wrecked by the amount of [...]