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Two More Candidates Enter Attorney General Race

After experiencing a series of candidate entrances and exits, the race to be the District's first elected attorney general is starting to take shape, with both public policy lawyer Lateefah Williams and defense attorney Karl Racine picking up nominating petitions today.
Williams, a 37-year-old policy attorney who grew up in Fort Washington, Md., previously worked as the president of the LGBT-focused [...]

Report: Defense Lawyers Swap Places in Attorney General Race

Even after earning its spot on the ballot, the District's first attorney general race is having trouble hanging on to candidates. Attorney general candidate Mark Tuohey tells Washingtonian that he's ditching the race in favor of Karl Racine, another high-profile defense attorney.
Tuohey's exit would certainly explain why he wasn't at last week's Palisades Parade, usually a popular stop for citywide candidates. Neither Racine [...]

It’s Official: Attorney General Election Will Be in 2018

Well, that's that. The effort to hold the District's first attorney general election in 2014 per a successful 2010 ballot initiative is over, and the election will be held in 2018.
After stumbling along in an unsuccessful legal fight, the 2014 election's last hope lay in legislation moving the vote to later this year. Now that's done too, [...]

No Attorney General Election for April’s Ballot

Despite the energetic efforts of would-be Attorney General Paul Zukerberg, District voters won't be voting for the city's first elected AG on April 1, after a Superior Court judge ruled against Zukerberg today.
Zukerberg, who initially sued the city over efforts to move the vote from 2014 to 2018, then declared as a candidate in the race [...]

Court Won’t Keep Attorney General’s Race on the Ballot

An attorney general election in 2014 got a little less likely this afternoon, with a federal judge refusing attorney general candidate Paul Zukerberg's motion for an injunction to force the District's Board of Elections to keep it on the ballot.
While a law to delay the election, which passed the Council twice and avoided a veto by Mayor [...]

Paul Zukerberg Declares for Attorney General’s Race

The 2014 attorney general's race gets its first candidate this morning, with lawyer Paul Zukerberg announcing in a press release that he'll file candidacy papers today at the Board of Elections. With that hurdle passed, the attorney general election just needs to clear one more: actually happening.
Zukerberg, a lawyer and one-time At-Large Council candidate, is also suing [...]

Council Votes Again to Push the Attorney General Election to 2018

In 2010, 90,316 District residents voted to put D.C.'s first elected attorney general on the ballot in 2014. Today, seven members of the D.C. Council voted to postpone that election until 2018. Guess which vote trumps the other?
Today's vote, the second successful vote on the bill, sends the bill Mayor Vince Gray for his signature. [...]

Paul Zukerberg Jumps Into Attorney General Fight

Defense attorney and unsuccessful at-large D.C. Council candidate Paul Zukerberg is best known for his activism on behalf the District's pot smokers, but he could soon be pressing a less crunchy issue in court. Zukerberg filed suit against the D.C. Council and the Board of Elections today over delaying the District's attorney general election, a day before [...]

Failure to Appear

No candidates have declared for nextyear’s attorney general election, but there’s already a frontrunner. You can’t go within 50 yards of a law school without hearing his name. The rest of the legal community is lining up behind him. Even current Attorney General Irv Nathan has given his endorsement.
LL’s talking, of course, about “the lawyer’s [...]

Ron Moten vs. Irv Nathan

Between the council meeting and Keely Thompson's plea, LL didn't have time yesterday to get to the surprise guest at Tuesday's panel on the attorney general election: Peaceoholics co-founder Ron Moten
Most people facing a lawsuit from the District over bogus non-profit tax forms and luxury SUVs might decide to lie low. Instead, Moten used the [...]