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Down Goes Brown

At Michael Brown’s re-election campaign headquarters at 9th Street and Florida Avenue NW, a campaign banner bearing Brown’s name and picture hung outside. Whoever put the banner up didn’t properly secure its top left corner, leaving it to droop noticeably. It wasn’t the biggest deal: Brown’s name was still visible to passersby. But it [...]

Chairman Mendo?

Last week, LL reported that federal prosecutors had empaneled a grand jury to look into the finances of D.C. Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown’s 2008 re-election campaign. Ever since accounting irregularities first surfaced in a July Board of Elections and Ethics report, Brown has denied any wrongdoing. He’s also not been charged with any [...]

Ready, Set, Go!

Ever watch channel 13 and think, "Hey, I could do that."
Now is your chance. The Democratic State Committee has just released its criteria for individuals interested in being the committee's pick to replace Almost Chairman Kwame Brown. Under their rules, you:
1. MUST have legally resided in the District of Columbia for one (1) year [...]