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New Candidates, Old Councilmembers Appear in Ward 8 Race

New faces, maybe, for the Ward 8 seat

The Goo-Goo Posse

The resignation of former D.C. Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown, after he pleaded guilty to bank fraud, will probably lead to exactly what his victory in the chairman’s race did: a special election to fill an at-large seat.
Brown’s departure meant a promotion for current Chairman Phil Mendelson, who is almost certain to win a [...]

One Lucky Republican

Is Patrick Mara the luckiest sonofabitch in D.C. politics?
He was looking that way until this weekend, when news broke that the sole Republican in the April special election for an at-large D.C. Council seat might be booted from the ballot for submitting petition signatures that appeared forged.
Suddenly, things seemed bleak for Mara. One need not [...]

Sekou Biddle Wants To Be Your Councilmember

Let’s get this out of the way: The ear-to-ear scar that runs atop the crown of Sekou Biddle’s skull is the result of some asshole blindsiding him with a pool cue in the mid-’90s when he was trying to head off a bar fight. The single whack, which the newest member of the D.C. Council [...]

The Hacks’ Moment: D.C. Democratic Party Insiders Get to Pick a Councilmember

D.C. has never been much of a machine-politics city. In other one-party towns, members of ruling party’s hierarchy snag plum patronage jobs, anoint elected officials, and do their scheming in the (formerly) smoke-filled back rooms of fancy headquarters buildings. But in the District, whose political structure dates to the reform-minded 1970s rather than Boss Tweed’s [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Worse Than Mississippi Edition

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Peaceoholics FOIA dead end

Good morning sweet readers!
Worse Than Mississippi: Some sobering news today in the Post that might [...]