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Ward 8 Democrats Feud Over Rude Emails, Future of Council Seat

At least the Ward 8 Democrats aren't boring. A previous president of the group accused the D.C. Council of metaphorically cutting Vincent Orange's throat by not giving him a ceremonial position, and the organization's January mayoral straw poll turned so rowdy that police were called.
Now the Ward 8 Democrats are embroiled in a controversy that's [...]

Frank Sewell, Mystery Candidate for Mayor

LL's been seeing these flyers promoting mayoral candidate Frank Sewell, and they raise a lot of questions. For example, what's "Honest Next Leadership?" And who the heck is Frank Sewell?
There's not much public information available on Sewell, who previously ran in 2004 for the Ward 8 D.C. Council seat. His campaign, such as it is, [...]