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Council Guts Study of Pepco Alternatives

Cheh says Pepco wants to "strangle" study.

Vince Gray Says Goodbye in Lengthy Farewell Speech

Vince Gray looks back

Muriel Bowser (and Legal Marijuana) Lead Big in Early Vote Totals

D.C. looks ready to elect Bowser and legalize it.

Marion Barry Backs Silverman, Bonds For At-Large Seats

FInally, an LL the mayor-for-life can live with

Khalid Pitts Touts Nonexistent Anita Bonds Endorsement

A wine bar owner should know about truth in labeling.

At-Large Race: Current Endorses White and Bonds, Slams Silverman

The Current makes its picks.

Firefighters Stay Out of Attorney General Race, Back Silverman for At-Large

Count one more organization confused about how the District's first elected attorney general fits into city politics. The union that represents D.C. Fire and EMS personnel will be sitting out the attorney general's race, according to union president Ed Smith.
“We don’t fully understand the role of the attorney general's role in labor yet," Smith says.
The International [...]

Sulaimon Brown Makes His Endorsements

He wants voters to elect Muriel Bowser.

Elissa Silverman’s Campaign Poll Says Anita Bonds and Silverman Lead the At-Large Council Race

Good news for Democrat Bonds and independent Silverman, less so for the other candidates

Mendelson Budget Leaves Bonds, Gray Steamed

In 2013, it was hard to think of an idea more popular with the D.C. Council than Anita Bonds' property tax bill. The legislation, which exempted some senior citizens from property taxes, came as multiple councilmembers ran for re-election or for the mayor's office, then got another boost when a Washington Post investigation found elderly homeowners losing their property in [...]