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Gray Appointees Make Big Money on Their Way Out

Allen Lew and others receive hefty severance packages.

Bowser Picks Alexandria City Manager For City Administrator Job

Out with the Lew, in with the Young.

Gray Backs New Wizards Practice Facility, With Few Details

Gray won't commit to a location

How the Supercan Mess Left the Gray Administration Looking Like “Idiots”

In May, Mayor Vince Gray’s administration found itself facing scandal. What’s new, right? Except this time, it had nothing to do with U.S. Attorney Ron Machen.
Instead, Gray was stuck in a quagmire familiar even to big-city mayors who aren’t under federal investigation: the inexplicable botching of a basic public service.
Six months earlier, Gray had announced [...]

Metro Forgives District for the Shutdown

Remember the shutdown? Well, the most interesting part of Vince Gray's shutdown press conference in front of the Senate—at least before the mayor decided to go all Tareq and Michaele Salahi on Harry Reid—came when Gray revealed that, with the District's $74 million payment to Metro delayed, the transit agency planned on charging the city interest.
The interest would [...]

D.C. Under Government Shutdown Would Have No Libraries, Be Filled With Trash

Mayor Vince Gray is set to spend this afternoon considering whether to break federal law by keeping the entire city government operating in the event of a shutdown of the federal government. In the meantime, here's how the city would fare if it did go along with the feds on Oct. 1, according to a [...]

D.C. Could Break the Law, Defy Congress Over Government Shutdown

Mayor Vince Gray and members of the D.C. Council were supposed to talk this morning about preparations for a partial shutdown of the city government in the event of a federal government shutdown. Instead, they left breakfast considering a plan that would keep the city government open and break federal law.
During a presentation from City Administrator [...]

Vince Gray Cuts Ribbon on New Dunbar High School, Including Academy Named After Him

While questions persist about whether Mayor Vince Gray will face charges related the 2010 shadow campaign to elect him, the administrators at Dunbar High School, at least, aren't expecting Gray to be disgraced any time soon.
Gray, part of the Dunbar class of 1959, returned to his alma mater this afternoon to cut the ribbon on the sharp [...]

D.C. Set to Sue Construction Firms Over Alleged Fraud

City sources tell LL that District Attorney General Irv Nathan's office is set to file a lawsuit soon—possibly Wednesday—against two construction firms that teamed up to manage construction of Anacostia High School.
The lawsuit will allege that Rockville, Md.-based Forrester Construction and nominally D.C.-based EEC of D.C. conspired to defraud the District government through a phony [...]

Full Time Pay Without Full Attention

The Department of General Services pays the equivalent of $86,000 a year for someone to do data entry. The rate of pay for "Document Control Technician" comes out to $115,000 a year. And the services of one administrative assistant costs DGS $191,000 a year.
Created in 2011 to manage much of the District's public construction projects, [...]