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For Adrian Fenty, the West Coast Is the Best Coast

Now that Adrian Fenty is raking in money in Silicon Valley, he should think about kicking some of it toward Vince Gray's hefty legal fees. After all, Fenty owes him—a new Post piece on the ex-mayor's California exile makes it look like losing to Gray in 2010 was the best thing that ever happened to Fenty.
The profile, which comes with a [...]

Not Every Union Is Mad At Vince Gray

LL's column this week is about what Mayor Vince Gray's veto of the Large Retailer Accountability Act means for his relationship with unions. It's not good—Joslyn Williams, the local AFL-CIO head, says he doubts that Gray, the 2010 darling of labor, could get their endorsement if he runs again.
But not every union is threatening to [...]

Morning Links

Jeff Thompson allegedly funded a shadow campaign-style effort for Hillary Clinton in 2008. [Post, LL, WAMU, Center for Public Integrity]
Clinton and Thompson: "They're pals." [CPI]
D.C. moves to revoke Adrian Fenty's group's nonprofit status. [WBJ]
Prosecutors want to delay Michael Brown's sentencing. [@ZoeTillman]
The Department of General Services wants to outsource one of its main jobs. [WBJ]
Surprise: District tickets drop when speed limits increase. [...]

Emails: PAC May Have Paid for Poll at Gray Campaign’s Request

A powerful political action committee may have paid for a $15,000 poll at the request of the scandal-plagued 2010 campaign of Mayor Vince Gray, an action that could have violated rules limiting campaign contributions or coordination between candidates and campaigns.
According to emails obtained by the Center for Public Integrity, among those involved in the back-and-forth [...]

Peace at Any Cost?

LL has the perfect plan to steer some District funds his way. First, he’ll team up with a rising politician poised to become mayor. Then, he’ll offer a service no one could say no to—anti-violence work, probably. If anyone starts asking questions about paperwork, he’ll just tell the mayor’s pals to push the money through [...]

LL Reads Dennis Rubin’s D.C. Fire So You Don’t Have To

LL spent the weekend with D.C. Fire, the memoir/textbook from Adrian Fenty-era fire chief Dennis Rubin. What mysteries about public safety circa 2007-2010 would be revealed?
As it turned out, not much. Rubin's book, which is meant to teach fire officials how to deal with crises, totally avoids one of the biggest scandals of his term: [...]

Morning Links

House report says budget autonomy referendum isn't binding. [Times, Post]
Mayor Vince Gray can't veto the living wage bill until he gets it, Phil Mendelson doesn't know where it is. [Times]
Cash-strapped Howard sued for $100 million over town center development. [Housing Complex, WBJ]
Prince George's water outage is like a "natural disaster." [WTOP]
Adrian Fenty's daughter reportedly taken by [...]

Former Clinton Aide Reta Lewis Enters Mayoral Race

The 2014 mayor's race has its first candidate who isn't on the D.C. Council: Reta Lewis, a former employee of the State Department and the Clinton administration.
Beyond promising to make D.C. "the world-class city we deserve," Lewis' websitedoesn't reveal much about her campaign. LL asked Lewis for more information, but hasn't heard back (update: see [...]

D.C. Sues Peaceoholics Over Luxury SUVs, Salaries

The District government, which gave gang intervention group Peaceoholics more than $5 million in anti-violence grants during ex-Mayor Adrian Fenty's administration, sued the group today for allegedly submitting a falsified grant application in 2009.
Attorney General Irv Nathan's lawsuit against Peaceoholics and co-founders Jauhar Abraham and Ron Moten accuses the two of understating how much they received [...]

Former Jeff Thompson Employee to Plead Guilty in Straw Donor Scheme

Add one more name to the federal investigation into alleged shadow campaign financier Jeffrey Thompson: Lee Calhoun. Calhoun, an employee of Thompson's former accounting firm, will plead guilty next week to a misdemeanor charge of making straw campaign donations, his attorney tells LL.
While an employee at Thompson's Thompson, Cobb, Bazilio, and Associates (renamed Bazilio Cobb [...]