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Peaceoholics Co-Founder and “Community Hero” Ron Moten Crowdsources His Legal Fees

A week after fellow Peaceoholics co-founder Jauhar Abraham and their non-violence group were slapped with a $638,389 judgment in court, activist and Adrian Fenty loyalist Ron Moten is raising money for his own legal fight with a crowdfunding campaign that declares him a "community hero."
There was once a time when Moten wouldn't have to hit up people on crowdfunding website Crowdtilt for [...]

Marion Barry on Muriel Bowser: “The Post Called Her Adrian Fenty’s Protégé. We’ve Been There and Done That.”

Supporters of Mayor Vince Gray are passing out this literature at some precincts, featuring a letter by Ward 8 D.C. Councilmember Marion Barry defending Gray against accusations of corruption and attacking Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser, who polls show is Gray's closest rival. LL picked this one up at Hendley Elementary School, at 4th and Chesapeake streets SE.
Some [...]

In State of the District Speech, Gray Asks Residents Whether They Believe Him or Jeff Thompson

Who do you trust? On one hand, there's self-admitted serial election fraudster Jeff Thompson. On the other, there's Vince Gray: mayor, former nonprofit director, man of the people.
That's the choice Gray set up in his State of the District address tonight at Ward 7's Kelly Miller Middle School, a day after Thompson entered a guilty plea and [...]

Morning Links

Marion Barry leaves rehabilitation center, says he'll finish his D.C. Council term. [WTOP, Post, Times]
Muriel Bowser cancels a fundraiser at the home of scandal-tied Adrian Fenty pal Sinclair Skinner. [Post]
Northwest Current endorses Vince Gray. [LL]
This week's column: Gray campaign manager Chuck Thies tries to prove he can win. [LL]
Post ed board: city should consider a separate EMS department. [Post]
DC Water tells some in Upper Northwest to [...]

Finally, A Ron Moten Song for the 2014 Election

Peaceoholics co-founder and Adrian Fenty diehard Ron Moten made the 2010 mayoral election catchier than it had any right to be with "U Fenty, Huh?" and "Don't Leave Us Fenty."Despite an abiding feud with incumbent Vince Gray, Moten hadn't released a similar song for the new election cycle—until today.
Moten's "We're Coming Out," a riff on Diana Ross' "I'm Coming Out," is [...]

Morning Links

GAO rejects budget autonomy referendum. [City Desk, WAMU, Post, Times]
Fire lieutenant on leave during investigation into man's death outside fire station. [Times, Post]
DCPS was warned about cheating, didn't do much about it. [AP, Post]
Post ed board: fire department is "a national embarrassment." [Post]
April primary candidates face off in Sixth & I Synagogue forums. [LL, Post]
Walter Reed development gets HUD blessing. [...]

Morning Links

Fire department staff now have to watch what they tweet, thanks to a new social media policy. [Times]
LL's predictions for 2014. [LL]
New traffic cameras won't issue tickets yet. [Times, WAMU]
Candidates get ready to turn in their nominating signatures. [WAMU]
Natwar Gandhi: poet, Harriette Walters dupe, and almost ex-CFO. [Post]
What 2014 could mean for development. [Housing Complex]
Petula Dvorak tells Adrian [...]

For Adrian Fenty, the West Coast Is the Best Coast

Now that Adrian Fenty is raking in money in Silicon Valley, he should think about kicking some of it toward Vince Gray's hefty legal fees. After all, Fenty owes him—a new Post piece on the ex-mayor's California exile makes it look like losing to Gray in 2010 was the best thing that ever happened to Fenty.
The profile, which comes with a [...]

Not Every Union Is Mad At Vince Gray

LL's column this week is about what Mayor Vince Gray's veto of the Large Retailer Accountability Act means for his relationship with unions. It's not good—Joslyn Williams, the local AFL-CIO head, says he doubts that Gray, the 2010 darling of labor, could get their endorsement if he runs again.
But not every union is threatening to [...]

Morning Links

Jeff Thompson allegedly funded a shadow campaign-style effort for Hillary Clinton in 2008. [Post, LL, WAMU, Center for Public Integrity]
Clinton and Thompson: "They're pals." [CPI]
D.C. moves to revoke Adrian Fenty's group's nonprofit status. [WBJ]
Prosecutors want to delay Michael Brown's sentencing. [@ZoeTillman]
The Department of General Services wants to outsource one of its main jobs. [WBJ]
Surprise: District tickets drop when speed limits increase. [...]