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Catania Tells Voters to Back Marijuana Initiative

Pass the dutchie 'pon the left-hand side, says David Catania.

Pot Legalization Campaign Predicts Signature Success

This week has been rough for the District's friends of the friendly herb, with a House committee voting to block the use of city funds for decriminalizing marijuana. It's not all bad news, though. After a rocky start, a top organizer behind a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana says that the measure should have enough signatures to get on the ballot [...]

Don’t Bogart That Ballot, Dude

You wouldn’t expect it, but the D.C. Cannabis Campaign fits in on Embassy Row. Wedged between the Mexican delegation to the Organization of American States and the South Korean embassy, the campaign’s mildewy, weed-scented townhouse on Massachusetts Avenue NW has the same trappings as its neighbors, including office staff and a fireproof safe (albeit one [...]

4/23 Blaze It: Petition Drive Starts for Marijuana Initiative

Washingtonians who want to enjoy legal pot can finally put their names behind it. After months of wrangling, the District of Columbia Board of Elections issued petitions this morning that could put legalized marijuana on the November ballot.
The initiative, organized by the D.C. Cannabis Campaign and backed by a $20,000 donation from California soap tycoon David Bronner, [...]

The Green Party: How the Politics of Pot Have Changed for 2014

D.C. voters looking for a pro-pot Democratic mayor have a lot of options on April 1.
For these voters, it no longer has to be about simply voting for a candidate who will legalize the drug, it can be about finding one who will most effectively get the law through Congress and implement it in the [...]

D.C. Could Vote on Legalizing Pot

Voters could decide in November's general election whether to legalize possession of marijuana for personal consumption in D.C., after elections officials ruled this week that a ballot measure on pot could go forward.
The D.C. Cannabis Campaign had submitted the initiative, which would make possession of less than two ounces of pot legal for people over [...]

A Frenemy With Weed

In a town where even the crunchiest causes have suited-up lobbyists behind them, Adam Eidinger, one of the District’s top marijuana activists, matches his ideals refreshingly well. He sports a military surplus jacket, orange glasses, and a thin, vaguely pharaonic goatee. Eidinger, the former owner of a hemp shop, speaks glowingly about a Washington state [...]

Pot Referendum Backers Ask for Public Input

Backers of a marijuana bill pulled their proposed referendum from the Board of Elections last month. Now they're giving it another shot, and they're asking for the public's help.
DCMJ, an umbrella group of marijuana legalization supporters, is taking suggestions for the initiative on its website. They're aiming to resubmit the initiative to the Board of Elections [...]

Marijuana Activists Withdraw Their Referendum for Now

Facing opposition from the District's attorney general, supporters of a referendum to decriminalize marijuana withdrew their proposed ballot initiative today. But according to Adam Eidinger, one of the referendum's backers, that was all part of the plan.
The initiative includes language offering drug treatment and awareness. That runs afoul of the District's prohibition on referendums appropriating city [...]