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Candidates Declare for Ward 4, Ward 8 Seats

Ward 8 Democrats president, Bowser favorite declare for open seats

A.J. Cooper: I Am Not a Hypocrite

Not longer after LL called at-large council candidate A.J. Cooper a hypocrite this morning for changing party affiliation to better his chances at getting elected weeks after criticizing his opponents for doing the same same, Cooper called to plead his case.
"My intentions are pure," he says.
Cooper tied for fifth in this month's at-large election and [...]

Where are the At-Large Poll Workers?

Where are the at-large poll workers?
LL has just been on a tour of some of the bigger-turnout precincts east of the Anacostia River and couldn't help but notice the dearth of campaign workers for any at-large D.C. Council candidates.
At two large precincts in Congress Heights, only A.J. Cooper had a poll worker. An AFSCME union [...]


It wasn’t that long ago that Councilmember Michael Brown’s name was mentioned as a possible mayoral candidate one day.
Brown, after all, has the pedigree (he’s the son of the late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown) and the charm to make a strong citywide push. Some of his supporters say it was understood a few months ago [...]