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At the Pot Legalization Party, It’s Not About Getting High

D.C. legalized it.

Muriel Bowser Crushes David Catania to Win Mayor’s Race

Muriel Bowser takes it in a walk

Watch Carol Schwartz Dance on Election Night

She didn't win. She didn't seem to mind.

Muriel Bowser (and Legal Marijuana) Lead Big in Early Vote Totals

D.C. looks ready to elect Bowser and legalize it.

The Polls Just Closed in D.C.

You voted (or not). Now what?

Marion Barry Looks for Bowser Votes, Sticks by Promise to Kick David Catania’s Ass

If only Marion Barry was running, says Marion Barry.

Carol Schwartz is Enjoying Election Day

"I've had people tell me they are voting for me because they like my car," she says. "I can think of worse reasons to vote for someone."

Ward 4 Pols Already Eying Bowser’s Council Seat

Who wants to be the next Muriel Bowser?

Bowser Outraises Catania 3-to-1 in Final Days of Campaign

Lorie Masters puts a last-minute $45K into her campaign

Muriel Bowser Rallies Her Supporters

"Are you going to run through the tape with me?"