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Pretty Quiet at Michael Brown’s HQ

LL will have more from Councilmember Michael Brown later tonight, but as he trailed challenger David Grosso early in the evening, things were pretty glum at Brown's victory party at his campaign headquarters:

Photo by Alan Suderman

Sekou Biddle: “I Was Running to Win”

There are victory parties for winners, and there are consolation parties for losers. And then there are parties where at first, no one realizes their candidate ended the night down 543 votes with 100 percent of ballots counted (except absentee votes, of which there were seven times as many as the winning margin), because the [...]

Bring Washington City Paper Endorsements to the Polls!

If you didn't memorize Washington City Paper's endorsements when they ran the last two weeks, but you'd still like some guidance when you go vote tomorrow, we're here to help. Below, you'll find a handy PDF you can print out and take to the polls with you, summarizing who we'd pick and why in each local [...]