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Peaceoholics FOIA Goes Nowhere

Figuring out what the Peaceoholics are doing for their money isn't getting any easier. Curious as to what the anti-gang group has done in return for the millions in District funds they've pulled down, in August, Amin Hassan Muslim submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that went nowhere. Muslim works [...]

Gray: “Only If We All Work Together Can We Move This City Forward”

The District's all-but-certain next mayor, Vincent Gray, just gave a victory speech at his election night party (a mere six hours after the polls closed). Gray reached out rhetorically to supporters of Adrian Fenty's, and pushed back against anyone who might try to spin his win as a defeat for progress in the District.
"Let me [...]

No Late Night Voting for D.C.

You could almost hear the national anthem playing in the background.
"This is about the most fundamental right of citizenship. The right to vote," argued Vincent Gray's lawyer, Andrew Sandler, at a Superior Court emergency hearing. He went on to say the case he was arguing was about "due process" and "equal protection." Sandler even quoted James [...]

Vince Gray: McDonald’s is Good, Turnout is Good

D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray just took a break from a marathon schedule of polling place visits to swing through a McDonald's drive-through on Georgia Avenue NW, in Ward 4. Which gave LL a chance to ask Gray a few questions about how the day is going. The verdict? Gray isn't worried about reports of [...]

Watch a Working D.C. Voting Machine

Rokey W. Suleman, executive director of the Board of Elections and Ethics (BOEE), just got the third degree from reporters gathered in the lobby of One Judiciary Square, where the board's offices are located. Reporters wanted to know if groups of District voters had been disenfranchised by Suleman's fancy new voting [...]

If D.C. Campaign Ads Were Honest

Politicians aim to be subtle with their TV ads—there's a main message, but there's usually a hidden subtext, too. That's why media consultants make big bucks: Working closely with pollsters, they craft commercials that nudge voters toward one side or the other without hitting them over the head with the theme.
So, without the help of [...]

New Fenty Ad: Keep Me, Or Go Back to the 1990s

The new 60-second ad from Mayor Adrian Fenty's campaign is a classic of the genre: Candidate talking to the camera, acknowledging what voters don't like about him, promising to change—and making any alternative seem even worse.
"When I was growing up in D.C., politicians made nice speeches, told you whatever you wanted to hear," Fenty says [...]

The Signspotter: Phil Mendelson

Candidate: At-large Councilmember Phil Mendelson, seeking re-election
Colors: Royal blue with white type
Graphic elements: Elements of a D.C. flag linked in with his name, by making the third star the bowl of the "P" in "Phil"
Slogan: "Re-elect Phil Mendelson Democrat DC Council At-Large"
Spotted: Quebec Place NW
Signspotter says: Mendelson must have had a some very strong, thoughtful [...]

Poll Puts Gray Up by 8 Points*

A new poll, conducted by the somewhat secretive Bud's PAC (named after Bud Doggett), has D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray eight points ahead of Mayor Adrian Fenty in the mayoral race, according to a political operative with whom some results were shared.
LL has not seen the poll first hand, hasn't seen the crosstabs and doesn't [...]

The Signspotter: Kwame Brown

Candidate: At-large Councilmember Kwame Brown, running for D.C. Council chairman
Colors: Royal blue and white
Graphic Elements: Tiers of text separated by white lines
Slogan: "Vote Kwame Tuesday September 14, 2010"
Spotted: Arkansas Avenue NW and Taylor Street NW
Signspotter says: In the Tarantinoesque cavalcade of candidates of color—ballots will feature a Mr. Gray, Mr. Orange, and a Mr. Brown—the [...]