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Here’s What Jeff Thompson Says He Did

Federal prosecutors and Jeff Thompson, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges today in U.S. District Court, have agreed on this statement of offenses detailing his campaign finance misdeeds in D.C. and U.S. politics. Read it here:

Feds: Vince Gray Knew About the Shadow Campaign

Mayor Vince Gray knew about the illicit Jeff Thompson-funded effort to get him elected in 2010, prosecutors say in court papers filed today connected to Thompson's plan to plead guilty to corruption charges.
Gray allegedly met with Thompson at Thompson associate Jeanne Clarke Harris' apartment in August 2010, according to Thompson's statement of offense, detailed by [...]

Kwame Brown’s Campaign Slapped With Pointless $45,000 Fine

Whatever his strengths as a Council chairman or auto enthusiast, Kwame Brown just couldn't run a clean campaign. That's the conclusion LL's drawing from a $45,000 fine Brown's 2010 campaign for chairman received earlier this month from the Office of Campaign Finance.
LL ran down Brown's comically mismanaged 2010 bid when OCF's initial report came out this [...]

Nothing Left to Say

Mayor Vince Gray usually doesn’t have a hard time coming up with words. His speeches can last hours. His news conferences sometimes seem to drag on forever. But lately, the mayor’s gone silent just when he needs to be talking the most.
Last week, after two top aides from his 2010 mayoral campaign admitted in federal [...]

Welcome to the Go-Go Rights Movement

Go-go has admitted defeat. Challenger Vincent Gray has proved more powerful than Chocolate City's homegrown musical genre. Artist Chi Ali is part of a group of go-go musicians that supported Mayor Adrian Fenty for re-election under the banner "Go-Go 4 Fenty." By phone, Ali says he's disappointed about the election's results, but [...]

Voting Ends Now!

The Gray campaign's request for a court order to extend voting by two hours was just denied by Judge Joan Zeldon, City Paper's Rend Smith reports from the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics headquarters. Which means any minute now, polling places will begin the process of shutting down.
Reports from around the District make it [...]

Five Things that Make Voters Mad

There's a hotline that D.C. voters who feel they've been horribly wronged can call during today's election. It's run by Election Protection, "a nonpartisan voter protection coalition." Below are some of the complaints the organization received from fuming voters today.
Ward 3, Precinct 50 (Chevy Chase Community Center)
Poll workers were not accepting Comcast [...]

Some Black People Stuck in 1985, Some in 2010…

In one provocative piece gracing Washington City Paper's politics issue this week, writer Jonetta Rose Barras reveals something interesting about a District of Columbia in transition: If Mayor Adrian Fenty loses the upcoming primary election she deduces, it'll be because of "1985 syndrome," a condition that apparently makes black people crave old-school politics. She [...]

Watch Michelle Fenty Defend the Mayor

Mayor Adrian Fenty's wife Michelle Fenty spoke to reporters at the Newseum after today's mayoral debate to defend Fenty's work on behalf of the District. She's been almost completely absent from the campaign trail for the entire election, but with polls showing Fenty far behind D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray, she gave an emotional plea [...]

Early Voting Begins in D.C. Elections

Eager-beaver voters lined up this morning at One Judiciary Square to be among the first to cast their ballot in early voting for the Sept. 14 primary.
The voting kick-off turned into a campaign pep-rally for supporters of various campaigns. An unidentified supporter of Mayor Adrian Fenty, armed with a megaphone, was escorted from the scene [...]