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Former Football Player Challenges Alexander in Ward 7

Delmar ChesleyAt the University of Southern California, Delmar Chesley played inside linebacker. Now he's mounting what could amount to a "Hail Mary" play against incumbent Yvette Alexander for the Ward 7 D.C. Council seat.

The 48-year-old Chesley, who entered the race earlier last week, says he's challenging Alexander because of a "lack of leadership" in the ward.

Chesley grew up in Hillcrest as the youngest of ten children. Now working in sales and living in the Fort Davis neighborhood, Chesley thinks he can win despite a comparative lack of name recognition.

“I have a platform that I’m going to share with the folks of Ward 7 that’s not so typical," Chesley says. Read more Former Football Player Challenges Alexander in Ward 7

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Vince Gray: RGIII Got a Raw Deal

Vince Gray tosses the rock in 2012

Ex-mayor Vince Gray is still considering a run for the D.C. Council, but here's one thing he's made up his mind about: Robert Griffin III.

RGIII finally parted company with the Washington football team on Monday, leaving behind countless sports talk radio calls and a questionably sourced note on his locker. Gray isn't happy about how the once-successful quarterback's run in Washington ended.

"I really hope, frankly, that RGIII gets a chance to be able to play somewhere else," Gray told members of the Queens Chapel Civic Association last night. "I don’t feel good about the way he was treated here. He may have had his issues and whatnot, but I never felt that they made the investment in the last year, year and-a-half to help." Read more Vince Gray: RGIII Got a Raw Deal

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PAC Poll: Gray Would Lead At-Large, Ward 7 Races

LL spent Monday night on a time-machine trip back to the 2014 mayoral race—or at least it seemed that way. At a Ward 5 civic association meeting, ex-Mayor Vince Gray trotted out the old campaign speech that touts the accomplishments of his one-term administration, including improved city finances and expanded preschool access.

Pacing up and down the aisle at Union Wesley AME Zion, Gray came off like a comedian dusting the cobwebs off his old material. Now that the federal investigation into his 2010 campaign is over, Gray says he'll make a decision about running for a D.C. Council seat in the coming weeks.

Now Gray has another reason to run: A poll taken last week and funded by a political action committee founded by Gray supporters shows him leading hypothetical races for both Ward 7 and the Democratic at-large seat. Read more PAC Poll: Gray Would Lead At-Large, Ward 7 Races

PAC Poll: Ward 7 Voters Say Prosecutors, Media Unfair to Gray

The federal investigation into Vince Gray's 2010 campaign might not keep the ex-mayor from winning office in Ward 7. A new poll funded by a political action committee organized by Gray's supporters finds a near-majority of Ward 7 respondents think that prosecutors and the media mistreated Gray during the investigation.

Since the investigation ended in December with no charges for Gray, he's been considering D.C. Council runs at-large or for his old Ward 7 seat, currently held by former ally Yvette Alexander.

In the automated telephone poll conducted last week by Public Policy Polling, 46 percent of respondents of the 407 Ward 7 likely Democratic voters said Gray wasn't "treated fairly" by prosecutors, compared to 31 percent who thought he was. 49 percent of respondents didn't think the media treated Gray fairly, while 31 percent said he was treated fairly. The poll has a margin of error of +/-4.4 percent.  Read more PAC Poll: Ward 7 Voters Say Prosecutors, Media Unfair to Gray

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Shock and Audit: Kathy Patterson Puts Some Muscle Into the D.C. Auditor’s Office

Kathy Paterson, Auditor

When former Ward 3 Councilmember Kathy Patterson joined the D.C. Council in 1995, the city government was in shambles, with a projected $700 million deficit and a federal control board that eventually seized power over most of the District’s governing functions. But at least there was an upside: Because the District had so little money, it had less to waste.

“When you are near bankruptcy, it really forces you to make tough decisions,” Patterson says.

Patterson gave up the Ward 3 seat in 2006 to launch an unsuccessful run for Council chair. Since the start of 2015, though, she’s been back working for the Council, this time as the D.C. auditor. After a year of revelatory audits, Patterson is aiming her pen in 2016 at the District’s boom—and the waste that comes with it.

“It’s nice to have good times,” Patterson says. “But I think there’s less pressure to make sure each dollar is spent effectively.” Read more Shock and Audit: Kathy Patterson Puts Some Muscle Into the D.C. Auditor’s Office

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