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Councilmembers Get Exercised About Personal Trainers

District lunks have found a champion in Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans. As the District preps to become the country's first jurisdiction to regulate personal trainers, Evans introduced a bill today that would repeal the regulations.

“The citizens don’t want it, and somehow it got in there, and this is an attempt to repeal that," Evans said on the dais.

The fight started with legislation passed last year, in light of the Affordable Care Act provisions about trainers, that would create a District registry of trainers.

In theory, that's so insurance covers help from actual fitness trainers and not, say, your uncle and the weight bench in his garage. But the regulation process has drawn fire from the likes of CrossFit, which fears being forced to change its courses by the regulation.

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Brianne Nadeau Tries Out Her Jim Graham Material

Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau won office last year thanks in part to corruption allegations against incumbent Jim Graham. Now, more than a year after her primary victory, Nadeau can laugh about it.

At this morning's D.C. Council breakfast, Nadeau thanked Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh for advancing legislation for her ward.

"Did you bring money?" Cheh joked.

"That was the prior councilmember," Nadeau said, alluding to the elaborate logrolling allegations against Graham that he's still being sued over.

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Bowser: Streetcar Will Run By End of 2015

There's a new development in the exciting game of cat-and-mouse that is getting a date on when the H Street-Benning Road streetcar will finally run.

Asked during an appearance on WAMU's The Politics HourMuriel Bowser first hedged on when the streetcar will start carrying passengers, saying only that it would be "soon." But when pressed, Bowser echoed District Department of Transportation chief Leif Dormsjo, saying that she'll ride the streetcar in the first year of her administration—in other words, by Dec. 31, 2015.

“We will get the streetcar running on H Street," Bowser said.

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Crime Hearing Goes Long, Gets Testy

The D.C. Council had a long first day back in session yesterday, as members heard public testimony on the recent crime spike into the wee hours of the morning.

Nearly 70 people signed up to give their solutions for dealing with a 41 percent rise in homicides at the public hearing, convened by Ward 5 councilmember and public safety committee chair Kenyan McDuffie. Many people echoed the same suggestions activists have offered up in recent weeks: focus less on incarcerating people, and more on building community services and paths to employment.

Pols and mayoral officials also weighed in—taking up the first hour of the event which began at 5 p.m. and would last until 3 a.m. Thursday.

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Nuclear Fallout: Is the Pepco-Exelon Merger Really Dead?

LL_Pepco-2 copy

On Thursday, a smattering of activists, councilmembers, and non-profit types will head to Freedom Plaza to protest something that the District has heard a lot about lately: the takeover of local power utility Pepco by Chicago-based power company Exelon. The two power companies, meanwhile, have continued their campaign of radio and newspaper ads in favor of the merger.

Wait, what month is it? Wasn’t this resolved in August?

LL can’t blame you if you thought that the Pepco takeover fight—somehow both surprising and inscrutable—was over when the District’s Public Service Commission made a surprise ruling against it in August. But a $6.8 billion business deal isn’t going to go away that quietly.

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Bowser: Wizards Practice Facility Deal a “BFD”


Muriel Bowser and Wizards owner Ted Leonsis headed to the St. Elizabeth's East campus this morning to announce the city's deal to build an arena and basketball practice facility in Ward 8.

Along came what seemed like most of the Bowser cabinet, several Mystics and Wizards players, and Wizard mascot G-Wiza hefty entourage that fits what the mayor sees as a big project.

"This is a BFD," Bowser declared, taking a cue from Joe Biden.

Even the deal's opponents can't admit the stadium-cum-practice-facility isn't a big deal, but it might not be a good one. In exchange for using the arena for his Mystics WNBA team games and as a practice facility for the Wizards, Leonsis' Monumental Sports will pay $5 million in rent upfront and put $10 million of investments into the surrounding community.

District taxes, on the other hand, will cover around 90 percent of the $55 million project, with $23 million coming from the city and $27 million coming from Events D.C., which will operate the building.

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