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Pigskins Exec: Team Won’t Change Its Name for District Stadium

Dan Snyder

Perhaps Muriel Bowser's waffling on the Pigskins' other name won't pay off after all. In a training camp interview today, team president Bruce Allen said the team won't change its name in order to get a stadium in the city.

District officials, including Bowser, want the team to change its name. So do the feds, who own the land under RFK Stadium, the presumed site of the next football stadium. Asked whether the team would consider changing its name, though, Allen just said "no."

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Living At-Large: Vincent Orange Gets His First Challenger in David Garber


David Garber

David Garber

The vending machine at H Street NE spot Maketto sells Magnum condoms, cat statues, and pouches of MSG. Elsewhere, diners can buy beard oil and artisanal razors. But last week, Maketto patrons got a chance to spend their money on something not so ironic-chic: a D.C. Council campaign.

On Saturday, Maketto hosted the campaign kickoff for David Garber, the first at-large challenger to incumbent Councilmember Vincent Orange. With Maketto and Garber—a prolific tweeter on urbanism, minor hero of the smart growth set, and natty dresser—a politician and his party haven’t been this well matched since Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans launched his ill-fated mayoral campaign at Logan Circle’s tony Le Diplomate.

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Grosso Wants to Decriminalize Prostitution in D.C.

Before District voters legalized marijuana at the voting booth last year, Councilmember David Grosso tried to make weed legal with legislation. Now he wants to take away the criminal penalties for prostitution. In a press release, Grosso backs Amnesty International's decision to support the decriminalization of sex work.

"For decades we have repeated the same practice over and over, trying to arrest our way to an end of sex work, but it has never worked," Grosso says in the press release.

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Federal government's property downsizing could mean bucks for the District. [WBJPost]

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Permit Expediter Accused of Paying Off DCRA Staffers With ‘Lunch Money’

Here's one unorthodox way to get your permits through the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs' bureaucracy: pay off the people who work there.

Macoumba N'Diaye, who worked as a private "permit expediter," was accused Friday in a criminal information of giving three DCRA staffers money for permit fast-tracking. Since he's been charged in a criminal information, N'Diaye will likely plead guilty, although no hearing date has been set.

Ordinarily, according to prosecutors, getting a permit approved by DCRA is "often tedious and time-consuming." To get around that, N'Diaye allegedly provided the DCRA employees between 2010 and 2013 with payments he purportedly called "lunch money" in amounts that ranged from $20 to $500.

In exchange, according to prosecutors, he would get his permits approved faster than DCRA customers who didn't provide "lunch money." N'Diaye is charged with paying a gratuity to a public official.

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Introducing the Vince Gray Investigation Clock. [LL]

Office of Police criticizes chokehold policy. [City DeskPost]

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Introducing the Vince Gray Investigation Clock

How much longer is the U.S. Attorney's Office going to investigate ex-mayor Vince Gray? Gray has been out of office for seven months and U.S. Attorney Ron Machen has moved on entirely, but Gray still hasn't been charged or cleared. Even the Post's Colby King, once one of Machen's biggest fans, has had enough.

To keep track of the slog, LL's introducing the Vince Gray Investigation Clock. On the right sidebar of LL's blog, you can see the widget, which shows how long Gray has been under investigation. The counter goes from March 6, 2011, the day Sulaimon Brown's allegations about the Gray campaign went public.

LL will keep up it until Gray is charged or cleared. Given the rate things are going, that should be a while. (Unfortunately, the sidebar doesn't load for mobile users, who will be left out of the Vince Gray Investigation Clock experience).

But Gray isn't the only person whose life has been put on hold. After the jump, what's next for the investigation's other characters, who are all awaiting sentencing:

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