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Mendo Helps Derail Bowser Anti-Crime Measure

Muriel Bowser antagonist Kenyan McDuffie faced a showdown today with the mayor's allies at his D.C. Council committee. Fortunately for the Ward 5 councilmember, he brought backup.

Bowser's feud with McDuffie over her crime package's status has simmered for months, culminating in a mayoral tour of the city earlier this month to call on McDuffie's judiciary committee to consider the legislation. Today's mark-up hearing potentially represented Bowser's chance to get her legislation through—and ultimately, many of the most controversial aspects were ditched by the committee.

Many proposals from Bowser, including increased powers for police to search violent offenders on probation and the ability to hold violent offenders for up to 72 hours for minor violations, won't make it through McDuffie's committee for a full Council vote.

But when Ward 2 Councilmember (and new Metro board chairman) Jack Evans tried to reinstate Bowser's plan to increase penalties for violent crimes on public transit or in parks or recreation centers, the fireworks really started. Read more Mendo Helps Derail Bowser Anti-Crime Measure

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Racine Reviews Legality of DraftKings, FanDuel

Sorry, LL readers: Your days of making a mint off of Kirk Cousins may soon be at an end. District Attorney General Karl Racine tells LL that his office is looking into whether ubiquitous daily fantasy sports sites FanDuel and DraftKings are breaking any District laws.

"We are in the process of reviewing their conduct," Racine says.

In addition to being a terrible way to bet your money, DraftKings and FanDuel have faced crackdowns from attorneys general in Illinois, New York, and Texas.

Racine's Office of the Attorney General has reached out to both FanDuel and DraftKings. More worryingly for the daily fantasy sites, OAG is also talking with the attorneys general who have moved against the businesses. Read more Racine Reviews Legality of DraftKings, FanDuel

Jim Graham Fights Blizzard With Strippers

Former Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham traded the dais for the stripper pole last year, when he started working as a promoter for male strip club shows at Georgia Avenue NW's The House. Now Graham has his own solution for the District's efforts to dig out from last weekend's blizzard: lots of hot naked guys.

In a listserv email sent last night, Graham says he's once again going to "engage" with District issues. Apparently, that engagement includes his strip club endeavor—which he concedes "is obviously not for everyone." Read more Jim Graham Fights Blizzard With Strippers

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Doctor: Shadow Campaign Operative Mentally Fit to Be Sentenced

2010 shadow campaign worker Vernon Hawkins can be sentenced despite purported mental problems, according to a new report from a psychologist.

The 76-year-old Hawkins, a key player in the Jeff Thompson-funded shadow campaign to elect Vince Gray mayor, pleaded guilty in 2013 to helping to cover up the operation.

Despite striking a deal to cooperate with prosecutors in the now-closed investigation, though, Hawkins' attorney claimed last month that Hawkins' ability to cooperate was hampered by an unnamed "significant cognitive impairment." Read more Doctor: Shadow Campaign Operative Mentally Fit to Be Sentenced

Yvette Alexander Versus a Hoverboard

District universities have already banned hoverboards; will Ward 7 be next?

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FreshPAC Chair Says He Didn’t Actually Lobby on Exelon-Pepco Deal

A lot was strange about FreshPAC, the late political action committee created to help Muriel Bowser. Still, maybe the strangest FreshPAC story involved PAC chairman Earl "Chico" Horton, who registered as a lobbyist for Chicago power company Exelon just days before Bowser made a controversial settlement with Exelon and Pepco over their proposed merger.

The coziness of one of the mayor's most influential supporters lobbying her administration was hard to ignore. But now Horton, in lobbying disclosures filed this month with the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability, claims he didn't actually do any lobbying of the District government on the utility takeover.

In a portion of the disclosure form intended to list any lobbying he did on behalf of Exelon with District officials, Horton doesn't name any contacts with District officials. What gives? Read more FreshPAC Chair Says He Didn’t Actually Lobby on Exelon-Pepco Deal

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