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Nadeau Introduces Bill to Boot Absentee ANC Commissioners


Councilmember Brianne Nadeau has introduced a new bill that would boot an advisory neighborhood commissioner who misses three consecutive meetings, an issue that’s particularly plagued some of her Ward 1 constituents.

Kent Boese, chairman of the ANC 1A, has dealt with members who would blow off meetings during their last session. Boese’s commission and ANC 1B have both had to reschedule meetings in the past when enough members wouldn’t show up to reach quorum.

“There’s not much you can do to force somebody to come to the meeting,” says Boese, whose ANC pushed for the legislation through a resolution. Read more Nadeau Introduces Bill to Boot Absentee ANC Commissioners

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Muriel Bowser Goes All In on Stadium Deals For D.C. Teams

ll_sportsartLast week, Muriel Bowser headed to Congress Heights to reenact a scene that’s become pretty familiar to Washingtonians over the past decade—another mayor announcing another stadium deal.

This time, Bowser went to the podium with Wizards and Mystics owner Ted Leonsis to announce a $55 million deal to build a basketball practice facility and arena on the St. Elizabeths campus. Leonsis, whose teams get to use space in the new facility for just $15 million in rent and neighborhood philanthropy, looked like Wizards star John Wall had just sunk a buzzer beater.

“This is a BFD,” Bowser declared, doing her best Joe Biden impression. Signs around the press conference declared that the arena deal, which aims to bring 90 non-basketball events a year to Congress Heights, was “bigger than basketball.”

At the end of Leonsis’ speech, he handed Bowser a Wizards jersey; on the back was her name and the number 51—for the 51st state the District hopes to become, naturally. But by cutting the deal with Leonsis, Bowser has joined a far more exclusive team: District mayors who have gone big on stadium investments. Read more Muriel Bowser Goes All In on Stadium Deals For D.C. Teams

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Unions Trash Evans Residency Bill


Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans wants more District employees to live in the District, and he's got the legislation to make it happen. Under a bill Evans proposed yesterday, new police, teacher, and firefighter hires would have to live in the District.

But Evans is already facing opposition from the unions that represent those people. Labor leaders for the teachers and police officers Evans hopes to woo into the District say his legislation doesn't account for the difference between the cost of a home in the city and their comparatively paltry salaries.

“It's insane," says Liz Davis, president of the Washington Teacher's Union, which has around 40 percent of its members living outside the city.

Read more Unions Trash Evans Residency Bill

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D.C. Council approves Muriel Bowser's $23 million in supplemental budgeting. [Post]

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Councilmembers Get Exercised About Personal Trainers

District lunks have found a champion in Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans. As the District preps to become the country's first jurisdiction to regulate personal trainers, Evans introduced a bill today that would repeal the regulations.

“The citizens don’t want it, and somehow it got in there, and this is an attempt to repeal that," Evans said on the dais.

The fight started with legislation passed last year, in light of the Affordable Care Act provisions about trainers, that would create a District registry of trainers.

In theory, that's so insurance covers help from actual fitness trainers and not, say, your uncle and the weight bench in his garage. But the regulation process has drawn fire from the likes of CrossFit, which fears being forced to change its courses by the regulation.

Read more Councilmembers Get Exercised About Personal Trainers

Brianne Nadeau Tries Out Her Jim Graham Material

Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau won office last year thanks in part to corruption allegations against incumbent Jim Graham. Now, more than a year after her primary victory, Nadeau can laugh about it.

At this morning's D.C. Council breakfast, Nadeau thanked Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh for advancing legislation for her ward.

"Did you bring money?" Cheh joked.

"That was the prior councilmember," Nadeau said, alluding to the elaborate logrolling allegations against Graham that he's still being sued over.

Read more Brianne Nadeau Tries Out Her Jim Graham Material

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