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Memorial Commission Proposes Marion Barry Statue, Renamed High School

How does the District remember Marion Barry, its most successful—and most notorious—politician? The answer, if the Barry Commemorative Commission gets its way, is with a whole lot of stuff.

Last night, the commission released their draft proposals and heard reactions from the public at the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center, founded by Barry widow Cora Masters Barry. The commission, organized by Muriel Bowser in February, plans to make its final recommendations by the end of the year.

Barry's son, Marion C. Barry, made the case for a maximum approach to remembering his father's legacy. The District is covered with honors for America's founding fathers—so why skimp on memorials for a more recent founding father?

"I see Marion Barry as being the founding father of Chocolate City," Barry said.

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Packing Heat: A Wave of Gun Crimes and Homicides Tests Bowser Admin

Mayor Bowser

Mayor Bowser

LL crammed into a hallway with more than a dozen other media types last week to hear Muriel Bowser talk murders. The Wilson Building has a press room for this kind of thing, but the press room isn’t just steps away from the mayor’s CapStat room, where Bowser was huddled with District officials over data about her administration’s summer problem: the more than 20 percent increase in the homicide rate.

Ushering photographers into the CapStat meeting, Bowser’s staff could at least show that the mayor was doing something about homicides, even as the killings carried on.

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Facing Homicide Spike, Bowser Offers More Money for Gun Tips

Mayor Bowser CAPSTAT

Muriel Bowser reviews homicide figures at a meeting last week

After violence that left three people dead and pushed the District's homicide rate well past a 30 percent increase over last year, Muriel Bowser and the Metropolitan Police Department are offering new rewards for tipsters.

"We'll step up to the plate," MPD Chief Cathy Lanier said. "We'll add to the money."

Tips that lead to the seizures of illegal guns will now earn $2,500, up from $1,000. Tips about guns used in shootings, meanwhile, will earn $10,000. That's in addition to a $25,000 reward offered for successful tips about murders.

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Appeals Court Revives Lawsuit Against Jim Graham

Former Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham may have swapped out legislating for strip club promoting, but his D.C. Council history isn't behind him yet. In a ruling this morning, the U.S. Court of Appeals revived a lawsuit against Graham for actions he took while serving on the Council and the Metro board.

Graham's saga with plaintiff Banneker Ventures begins in 2008, when he allegedly told one of Banneker's members that he would help him win a city lottery contract if he pulled the firm out of a Metro development deal. Instead, according to Banneker's lawsuit, Graham wanted politically connected firm LaKritz Adler to get the development package on Florida Ave. NW.

A Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority investigation found that Graham violated the agency's ethical standards, while the Council voted to reprimand him. In 2013, Banneker sued Graham and Metro, only to have the case dismissed last year on the grounds that Graham had immunity in his role as a WMATA board member.

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Pigskins Exec: Team Won’t Change Its Name for District Stadium

Dan Snyder

Perhaps Muriel Bowser's waffling on the Pigskins' other name won't pay off after all. In a training camp interview today, team president Bruce Allen said the team won't change its name in order to get a stadium in the city.

District officials, including Bowser, want the team to change its name. So do the feds, who own the land under RFK Stadium, the presumed site of the next football stadium. Asked whether the team would consider changing its name, though, Allen just said "no."

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