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Morning Links

Marijuana group turns in 58,000 petitions to put legalization on the ballot. [Post, Washingtonian, DCist]
Ex-FCC attorney Edward "Smitty" Smith will run for attorney general. [LL, Post]
Tony Williams turns out for Muriel Bowser at the Palisades Parade. [LL]
Former Gertrude Stein Club president Lateefah Williams says she'll run for attorney general if she meets the qualifications. But the elections board won't tell her if she [...]

Ex-FCC Lawyer Enters the Attorney General Race

The race to be the District's first elected attorney general got a new candidate Thursday with the entry of former Federal Communications Commission special counsel Edward H. Smith II. Or is that "Smitty?"
“As you can see, my name’s Smitty," the 34-year-old Smith tells LL. "That’s what everybody calls me, so please do."
Smith, a Bloomingdale resident, will launch his "Smitty for AG" campaign [...]

Mayoral, At-Large Hopefuls Hustle at Palisades Parade

The District's officeseekers turned out for the July 4 Palisades Parade Friday, helped out by beautiful weather and the absence of a registration fee. Here are the highlights:
Best Parade Walker
Democratic mayoral nominee Muriel Bowser came prepared Friday, with her campaign announcing just a day before that former mayor Anthony Williams had endorsed her and would join her parade entourage. Bowser couldn't [...]

Morning Links

Muriel Bowser lands the Tony Williams endorsement. [Post, WAMU]
Schools chancellor Kaya Henderson says haphazard charter planning could lead to schools cannibalizing each other. [Post]
Insurance group sues over fee meant to support the District's health exchange. [Post]
What's ahead for interim fire chief Eugene A. Jones. [Post]
District settles with alleged school food whistblower for $450,000. [Post]
Post ed board backs Phil Pannell in the Ward 8 State Board [...]

Morning Links

Politically connected contractor Fort Myer Construction landed a rare equipment deal from the District Department of Transportation. [LL]
As botched Supercan replacement program worsened, Vince Gray administration officials fumed. [LL]
Republican lawyer Kris Hammond will take on Phil Mendelson for D.C. Council chairman. [LL, Post]
Gray says District residents should consider boycotting Ocean City over Maryland Rep. Andy Harris' meddling in District marijuana laws. [Post]
New number [...]

Politically Connected Contractor Fort Myer Lands Sweet Rental Deal

It’s hard to think of a contractor with a luckier relationship with the District government than Fort Myer Construction Corporation. Even a 2003 ban on working in the city for three years (lifted before then) that came after the company admitted to a conspiracy to bribe District employees hasn’t stopped Fort Myer from gobbling up [...]

How the Supercan Mess Left the Gray Administration Looking Like “Idiots”

In May, Mayor Vince Gray’s administration found itself facing scandal. What’s new, right? Except this time, it had nothing to do with U.S. Attorney Ron Machen.
Instead, Gray was stuck in a quagmire familiar even to big-city mayors who aren’t under federal investigation: the inexplicable botching of a basic public service.
Six months earlier, Gray had announced [...]

Republicans Field Former Justice Department Lawyer for Council Chairman

The Republican field for November's D.C. Council races has doubled in size today—from one candidate, to two! D.C. GOP executive Robert Turner told the D.C. Board of Elections this morning that former Department of Justice lawyer Kris Hammond has been selected by the party to run against incumbent Democrat Phil Mendelson for Council chairman.
In an ominous sign for Hammond's chances, Republicans are only able to [...]

Morning Links

Judge orders anti-violence group Peaceoholics and co-founder Jauhar Abraham to pay $639,000 in grant case; co-founder Ron Moten wants to take his case to trial. [Post]
Attorney general asks judge to dismiss lawsuit filed by dismissed housing agency boss. [LL]
Police chief Cathy Lanier talks about recent spate of murders, including female victims. [Post]
Minimum wage initiative organizers admit they won't make the November [...]

Attorney General Unsympathetic to Former Housing Boss

LL will say this for former D.C. Housing Finance Agency boss Harry Sewell: He's got chutzpah. After getting canned last year following LL's stories about his extravagant corporate card use ($1,300 at a Miami Beach night club!), Sewell sued the District for breach of contract, claiming that using his agency credit card for personal expenses didn't break any [...]