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Cheh Bill Would Ban Teenagers From Using Tanning Beds

There soon might be fewer teenage John Boehner look-a-likes walking around the District, thanks to legislation proposed by Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh that would ban all minors from using tanning beds.
The bill, introduced on Tuesday, would raise the minimum age for tanning beds from 14 to 18. Under the District's current law, teenagers older [...]

Wells Proposes Amendments to Campaign Finance Bill

The D.C. Council is set to vote tomorrow on Kenyan McDuffie’s government reform bill. But first, Tommy Wells says he'll be introducing three amendments aimed at beefing up the legislation.
“Right now, it’s easy for an incumbent to call organizations or companies that have business under us, either as a ward member or an at-large member, and [...]

Precinct Reshuffle Could Mean Long Walks for Voters

Earlier this month, a representative from the D.C. Board of Elections came to a Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting to explain the BOE’s new voter precinct plan. The reaction came quickly: The commission didn't like it.
“Isn’t this somehow counter-productive as hell to get people to vote?” says 2B06 Commissioner Mike Silverstein.
Silverstein and other commissioners [...]