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Sulaimon Brown Leaves the Building

In case you're wondering, Sulaimon Brown didn't put up a fight. As LL was the first to report, Brown was told to leave his office in the District Department of Health Care Finance yesterday morning after being let go.
The exit wasn't seamless. Some of the city's D.C. Protective Services Department officers, [...]

Feds Say They Played Nice With Ted Loza

When Ted Loza flew into the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, he ended up sitting in one of the small, windowless screening rooms sometimes utilized by Customs and Border Protection agents. Loza, the former right-hand man to Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham, must have been nervous. Flying back from his native country [...]

Marion Barry’s Car Stolen!

Ward 8 D.C. Councilmember Marion Barry has had a run of bad luck lately.
First, a judge rules that a company he bought campaign materials from in 2008 could  garnish his wages because of a past due bill.
And now, the shiny 2002 Jaguar he cruises around in has been stolen. According to a crime [...]

Marion Barry Gets a Little Less

Holiday shopping might not be what it used to be for Marion Barry—his District paycheck is slated to take a hit.
Since 2006, the Ward 8 councilmember has had a portion of his income pared away by the IRS. Now he's facing a wage garnishment connected to campaign [...]

Defense: Bribery Suspect Ted Loza Wasn’t Read His Rights

Ted Giovanny Loza did what no bribery suspect should ever do. He spilled.
When the former D.C. official landed at  Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta Georgia for a layover on Aug. 17, 2009, he got an unusual greeting. Loza, then the chief of staff to four-term D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham, was on his [...]

Peaceoholics FOIA Goes Nowhere

Figuring out what the Peaceoholics are doing for their money isn't getting any easier. Curious as to what the anti-gang group has done in return for the millions in District funds they've pulled down, in August, Amin Hassan Muslim submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that went nowhere. Muslim works [...]

D.C. Republicans Prefer Democrats—And Sarah Palin

If Mayor Adrian Fenty winning the Republican nomination as a write-in candidate, even though he couldn't accept it without registering with the GOP, paints D.C.'s Republicans as a little bit odd and quixotic, their runner-up write-in choice just makes them look sad.
Though we here at City Paper were theorizing that it might be current [...]

Peter Nickles Likes the Caps Button

If past statements are any indication, D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles is out of a job once the new mayoral regime takes power. He could also be in trouble with his profession, as Nickles is being investigated by the D.C. Bar in connection to a potential conflict of interest.
If [...]

Fenty Not Allowed to Switch Teams

Stand down, everyone looking for a crazy plot twist in the Amazing Saga of Adrian Fenty: Though he won the Republican nomination Tuesday as a write-in candidate, even if Fenty wanted to make the reporters of this town do a spit-take by running on the GOP line in November (which he apparently doesn't), he's not allowed [...]

Welcome to the Go-Go Rights Movement

Go-go has admitted defeat. Challenger Vincent Gray has proved more powerful than Chocolate City's homegrown musical genre. Artist Chi Ali is part of a group of go-go musicians that supported Mayor Adrian Fenty for re-election under the banner "Go-Go 4 Fenty." By phone, Ali says he's disappointed about the election's results, but [...]