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See videos of the chants and songs residents sang to celebrate Marion Barry's life.

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What’s Next for Legal Pot?

The immediate answer: Congress

Norton Will Give Congress “Fight of Their Lives” If They Mess With D.C.’s Legal Marijuana

Del. Norton vs. Rep. Harris

At the Pot Legalization Party, It’s Not About Getting High

D.C. legalized it.

Carol Schwartz is Enjoying Election Day

"I've had people tell me they are voting for me because they like my car," she says. "I can think of worse reasons to vote for someone."

There Goes My Gun

In D.C., happiness is not a warm gun.

Sell ‘Em If You Got ‘Em: Voters Want Legal Pot, and Legal Pot Sales

Don't bogart that legalization vote.

How D.C. Voters View the Local NFL Team’s Name

More than half say it's offensive, and a plurality say media organizations should stop using it.