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Ground Officially Broken

Mayor Vince Gray picked up a shovel this morning, and it wasn’t just for digging himself out of the PR hole left by this morning’s Post report that his campaign staffers may have improperly handled cash donations above the $25 legal limit.
Instead, the mayor used his shovel for a more immediate purpose: breaking ground [...]

Livable, Walkable Libraries?

Oh, the irony.
On the same morning that Greater Greater Washington broke the news that Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown would strip Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells of his position as chair of the Committee on Public Works and Transportation, Wells—with nary a hint of disappointment—gave a presentation to his colleagues on... [...]

Twelve Arrested At D.C. Voting Rights Rally; Gray Calls For Daily Action

When 41 D.C. voting rights activists were arrested after a show of civil disobedience in April, Mayor Vince Gray, Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown and several councilmembers were  among them. Today’s D.C. Vote rally in Lafayette Park featured considerably less star power getting driven away in police vans.
Twelve people were arrested for [...]

No Taxation Without Ed Board Representation

Mayor Vince Gray isn’t happy about the state of D.C. home rule, and he wants a national megaphone to complain about it.
On Tuesday, a press release from Gray’s office blared that the mayor would host a conference call “with national editorial boards on (the) Congressional budget process and D.C. autonomy.” Alas, City [...]

Resolved: Vince Gray Isn’t One For Resolutions

Earlier today, various municipal leaders assembled in Baltimore for the U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting passed a resolution calling for an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The resolution asks Congress “to bring these war dollars home to meet vital human needs, promote job creation, rebuild our infrastructure, aid municipal [...]

Do You Know These People?

Although Sulaimon Brown got only 209 votes in last year's mayoral primary, his second career—as a political appointee turned Vince Gray accuser—has won him almost as much fame as anyone else in D.C. politics.
Washington City Paper asked people in the District if they could identify Brown and several other prominent local politicians. Watch the results:

Sulaimon Brown Stands Down

Meet Sulaimon Brown, the populist.
The embattled former mayoral candidate agreed in D.C. Superior Court this afternoon to appear at a D.C. Council hearing next Monday, at 1 p.m. And he’ll do it to defend your rights.
“I am not an employee of the D.C. government,” said Brown, who worried that his [...]