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White Mike: Voters Aren’t Stupid

While driving around with Councilmember Phil Mendelson this morning, we ran into his arch-nemesis, Shadow Senator Michael D. Brown, at Lafayette Elementary. I asked him why he didn't put his middle initial on his yard signs, just to, you know, clear things up. He responded that he's never campaigned with his middle initial; why would [...]

What Kind of Dog Should Fenty Get?

In what could be his last ribbon cutting–erm, "leash cutting"–before becoming a lame duck, this morning Mayor Adrian Fenty officially opened the way-more-controversial-than-it-oughtta-be Newark Street Dog Park off Wisconsin Avenue. The 10,000-square-foot, $400,000 canine playground had been a decade in the planning stages, as gardeners and surrounding condo owners fought the conversion of a grassy [...]

Friday Before Election, Fenty Announces Free Money for Teachers, Millions for Job Training

The Fenty administration's announcement this morning that it would be pouring $3.5 to $5 million into a new "on-the-job" training initiative looked suspiciously timed enough, as Michael Neibauer archly notes. But then, in a release headlined "Biggest Payday Ever for DCPS Teachers," the District of Columbia Public Schools announces that the District will pay out [...]

32BJ SEIU Diverts Funds Into Brown-Debunking

The mass confusion over the Michaels Brown in the at-large council race, which threatens to take out incumbent Phil Mendelson, is a labor union's nightmare: They're faced with losing their biggest advocate on the Council over nothing. To protect Mendo, the 32BJ Service Employees International Union is shifting part of its its $50,000 campaign budget [...]

Who’s the Real Tea Party Candidate in This Race?

A couple days ago, TBD's Kevin Robillard outlined the ways in which Vince Gray's coalition resembles the tea party: Many of his supporters are destabilized by a shaky economy, repelled by a sometimes high-handed incumbent, and feel that their city/country is being taken over by people who are not like them. To add to Robillard's [...]

Fenty, Gray Canvassers Work Captive Audience

Darrow and I stopped by the Convention Center this morning, where thousands of people were lining up for their annual chance to get help with their utility bills. While they waited, emissaries from the two campaigns tried to win votes, which sometimes resulted in some heated exchanges. I'd say Gray was out in front–this would [...]