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Erstwhile D.C. Committeewoman Battles Political Rivals—and PEPCO

D.C. political activist Deborah Royster has had a busy week. On Tuesday, the news broke that she was out of a job as a Democratic National Committeewoman for the District. Royster cited the competing demands of her job as deputy general counsel for Pepco Holdings.
What didn't get mentioned is that Royster is also in [...]

The Case Against Boards and Commissions

You have to fill them!
That's the only conclusion one can reach after reviewing the latest, draft list of positions that the Office on Boards and Commissions has to fill. A new one hadn't been posted since August of last year, but director Ron Collins was kind enough to send over what they're working with at [...]

A Wounded City Gets All the Symbolism It Could Ask For

If the District needed a way to vent its frustration over being denied the right to use locally raised tax dollars how it pleases, it was satisfied this evening, as Mayor Vince Gray and a majority of the D.C. Council sat down in the middle of Constitution Avenue before being carted off in police vans [...]

Vince Gray Wants (Someone Else) To Start A Revolution

Mayor Vince Gray might not be as profane as Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, but he's just as pissed about this government shutdown business as she is. At a meeting of the D.C. Affairs section of the D.C. Bar yesterday, Gray kicked off his remarks with a tirade about the District's continuing disenfranchisement.
"This is an outrage!" [...]

Sulaimon Rashomon! Gray Tries to Allay Doubts, Murk Remains

Mayor Vince Gray faced the press this afternoon to vehemently deny ex-Department of Health Care Finance employee Sulaimon Brown's accusations in the Washington Post that he was given cash payments and a lucrative job in the administration in exchange for support during the campaign.
The Post uncovered text messages from Gray to Brown, one of which [...]

Could Vincent Orange Oversee Pepco?

UPDATE, 5:05 p.m. – It appears that the initial list has shifted such that it's not obvious to which committees the incoming councilmember would be assigned: Each committee now has five members, with the exceptions of Parks and Recreation and Marion Barry's Aging and Community Affairs (which now has just three members, after Muriel Bowser [...]

Michael D. Brown Isn’t Giving Up

Since Michael D. Brown's biggest supporter in the at-large council race was Michael D. Brown, it's perhaps fitting that his house on Western Avenue N.W.–a gray Acura with "US SENATOR" plates parked out front–should still be festooned with yard signs this Saturday afternoon.

Tension Lifting at Mendelson Partyrama

After eating their fill of the starchy buffet at U Street's U-Topia lounge, Councilmember Phil Mendelson's crew–many union folks, and a D.C. for Democracy contingent–idly chatted as results started to roll in around 10:30 p.m. With 12 percent of precincts reporting, he was leading Michael D. Brown by a two to one margin. Fist-bumps broke [...]

Fenty’s Rush Hour Game Face

For Mayor Adrian Fenty, election day must be the best day of the whole campaign. He doesn’t have to think about anything. There’s no way to screw things up more than they are already. And he can just focus on doing what he does best: Racing to the finish.
“No no no, no time to be [...]

Morning Ride in the Mendomobile

The polls have opened at H.D. Cooke Elementary in Adams Morgan. Councilmember Phil Mendelson pulls up in his 1998 Mercury Mystique, ready to start a crosstown precinct blitz to save his job. He hasn’t had breakfast. And things are already going wrong.
“The crises have already started,” he says—a precinct in upper Northwest didn’t have campaign [...]