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Fenty Finds Undecided Voter, And Lots Of Children

I rejoin Mayor Adrian Fenty in front of the 4th District police station—next to his campaign headquarters. He's decided to take a late morning stroll along Georgia Avenue NW to high-five Green Teamers, hug potential supporters, and teach school children about photo ops.
I do not hang out with Fenty usually. So I have no sense [...]

Finally, Fenty Votes For Himself

Mayor Adrian Fenty is already off schedule and running late to vote at his precinct. Here's what he missed: A woman exiting a cab exclaiming that cabbies are giving free rides (!) to Gray voters, a trash truck honking at Gray supporters, a woman shouting nonstop for Gray (and Mendo, too).
Fenty's interview on Morning Joe [...]

Live Blogging Adrian Fenty On Morning Joe!

It's 6:41 a.m. Fenty is next on Morning Joe. He's about to get asked all sorts of halfway knowledgeable questions about how this big-city mayor is way down in the polls. The chattering class suddenly gives a shit about our little mayoral primary. Why is Fenty on national television right now, instead of trying to [...]

Mayor Fenty Begins Day With A Pep Rally

This is perhaps the most genuine collection of Fenty supporters ever assembled. They have ignored all the polls, woken up before dawn, driven to the mayor's campaign headquarters on Georgia Avenue wearing their crisp Green Team shirts, and now gather in an airless room to listen to their mayor make his case one more time. [...]

The Decided: It’s Gray’s Day

Today’s Event: Since last week, I've reached out to favorite sources and in-the-know friends. Almost all of them tell me I should vote for Mayor Adrian Fenty. One source works in the schools and has had her battles with the teacher's union. Another has done amazing detective work on Vincent Gray's ties to some convicted [...]

Ward One Council Candidate Bryan Weaver’s Latest Video

This video is on point:

Residents ignore a lot of bullshit from their elected officials. I wonder why.

The Real Reason Mendelson Might Lose

As you all know, WCP-endorsed At-Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson may be on the verge of losing to a guy with a really lucky name. This is just pissing me off. Thankfully, Carol Schwartz has stepped in to rally for Mendo. And the councilmember has sent out multiple mailers trying to clear up the confusion over [...]

Poll Workers Yanked Over Fenty Slams

WTOP's Mark Segraves is reporting that two workers have been cut by the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics after making hostile remarks about Mayor Adrian Fenty inside a voting center(s). Segraves writes:
"According to Mayor Fenty's re-election campaign chairman Bill Lightfoot, a precinct captain and a Fenty poll observer overheard a Board Of Elections and [...]

The Undecided: DHS Redux Edition

September 9: The final word on Gray at DHS (I hope).

Today’s Event: The Washington Post's publishes its much-hyped, triple-byline forensics on Vincent Gray's tenure at DHS in the early '90s. The piece is so even-handed that the Blue Team even hypes it on Twitter as an "excellent story." Pair this with the allegation that Mayor [...]

What The Robocall Gets Wrong About Graham

This past weekend, TBD reported that a nutty robocall went out slamming Councilmember Jim Graham. The call blasted the Ward One councilmember over having paid for Ted Loza's on-again, off-again girlfriend to have an abortion. TBD reported the call's content:
"Paying to take a life is evil, especially when you weren't even the parent," the call's [...]