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CBEs set up sham D.C. offices; District government pays shams CBEs to be needless middlemen. Win-win! [Times]
Mystery donors (for now) behind pro-Patrick Mara mailer. [Post]
Paul Zukerberg organizing 4/20 concert the last day of early voting. [Post]

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CBE program allows pass-through vendors to make a killing on city contracts. [Times]
Yvette Alexander supports Anita Bonds; FOP goes for Pat Mara. [Post]
Lawmakers finagle a way to meet Bryce Harper. [Examiner]

Procurement Boss Pleads Guilty to DUI

J.W. Lanum, who is in charge of procurement for one of the city's biggest agencies, pleaded guilty last month to a DUI charge. Lanum was sentenced to 30 days' suspended sentence and six months of probation, according to an online docket report.
Emails and calls to Lanum and his boss at the Department of General Services, [...]

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African-American voters will elect of their "own," says Anita Bonds. [Post]
Mary Cheh calls David Grosso a shill for his former health insurance bosses. [Post]
Pat Mara for council, says Jonetta Rose Barras. [Examiner]

Meet the Mystery PAC Backed by Jeff Thompson and David Wilmot

The chairman of a political action committee with ties to embattled businessman Jeff Thompson, who is at the center of a federal investigation into Mayor Vince Gray's 2010 mayoral campaign, says he had no knowledge the PAC had raised and spent money over several years last decade, raising questions about the legitimacy of the organization's [...]

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DYRS staffer facing criminal charges for allegedly emailing youth records to reporter. [Times]
With Michael Brown out of the race, it's Pat Mara v. Anita Bonds. Or is it ... [Post] is a total joke, gives fire department A+ grade based on "three tweets and seven reviews submitted to the Grade D.C. website." [Examiner]

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Pat Mara and Elissa Silverman call each other names. [Post]
Post endorses Mara, again. [Post]
Vince Gray's re-election campaign has already started, though not officially. [Examiner]

Vince Gray to Muriel Bowser: “Bring It On”

Like most people, a trip to Rosslyn makes Mayor Vince Gray slightly irritable. Witness his performance this morning on Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt (which is filmed across the Potomac River) in which Gray takes strong issue with Ward 4 Councilmember and mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser's assertions that his administration moves too slowly.
“I don’t know what [...]

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Gray administration assigns arbitrary grades to city agencies, praises itself. [Post]
Pat Mara and his discontents. [Post]
With Michael Brown out of the race, who will win? [Examiner]

Try and Try and Try Again

There are many Pat Maras in D.C.
They are the young college strivers from around the country, who flock post-graduation to jobs at the Capitol where they answer constituent mail, get coffee, and move up in the ranks. After a few years on the Hill, they cash in/sell out/move on to better paying lobbying and consulting [...]