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Sulaimon Brown Denounces Catania, Endorses Bonds

Sulaimon Brown, the undisputed hero of the 2010 mayoral campaign, has resurfaced in D.C. politics after a lengthy hiatus. Brown put a statement today endorsing at-large Councilmember Anita Bonds in next week's special election. Brown also condemns Councilmember David Catania, who has been outspoken about the city's need to pursue Jeff Thompson's personal fortune to make [...]

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Vince Gray to give 13 percent raises over 4 years to most city workers raises. [Post]
AFCSME's Geo Johnson (whose union hall used to house Gray campaign meetings featuring Vernon Hawkins) says he'll support a Gray re-election bid. [Examiner]
AAA's John Townsend calls David Alpert a "nerd," "ninny" and "developmentally retarded." [WCP]

Yacht Club

Last month, Bethesda attorney Gary Silversmith had a problem with his boat, the Sequoia. The nine-decades-old yacht was en route to D.C. after spending the winter in Norfolk, Va., but had nowhere to stay.
The District government, which owns the Gangplank Marina where the Sequoia was headed, decided in February not to allow the Sequoia to [...]

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Elissa Silverman releases her tax returns as promised, challenges other candidates to do the same. [Post]
Fire trucks fail inspection. [Fox5]
Pat Mara has most cash to spend in homestretch. [Examiner]

D.C. Set to Sue Construction Firms Over Alleged Fraud

City sources tell LL that District Attorney General Irv Nathan's office is set to file a lawsuit soon—possibly Wednesday—against two construction firms that teamed up to manage construction of Anacostia High School.
The lawsuit will allege that Rockville, Md.-based Forrester Construction and nominally D.C.-based EEC of D.C. conspired to defraud the District government through a phony [...]

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Did Pat Mara improperly profit from his 2008 campaign? [Post]
Anita Bonds is the Council's favorite. [Examiner]
No change in plans for Emancipation Day celebration, mayor says. [Politico]

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Leo Alexander says Vince Gray urged him to drop out of 2010 mayoral race, meet with Jeff Thompson's close associate. [Post]
Poll done by Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps shows Anita Bonds in the lead. [Post]
Bonds has misguided focus on race, Post says. [Post]

Elections Board and Michael Brown Both Weighing What Would Happen if Brown Wins

What if former Councilmember Michael Brown, who abruptly quit the at-large D.C. Council race earlier this month, were to still win the most votes in the April 23 special election? Would Brown be declared the victor, or would the second-highest vote getter win the seat?
Turns out, the Board of Elections doesn't actually know and its [...]

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Another day, another problem with the CBE-portion of a lottery contract. [AP]
David Catania pleads with Gray administration to sue Jeff Thompson. [WBJ]
Memo warns of possible widespread cheating during Michelle Rhee era. [USA Today]

Unions to D.C. Women: Vote Anyone but Mara!

Women in wards 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 who turn out for most D.C. elections should be getting mailers this weekend from union groups attacking Republican D.C. Council candidate Pat Mara.
The mailers are an independent expenditure paid for by the hotel workers union Unite Here Local 25, Laborers Local 657 and the local Service [...]