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Critical Vince Gray Vote Undecided

Decisions, decisions

Before he was mayor, Vince Gray spent years on the D.C. Council with mayoral hopefuls David Catania, Muriel Bowser, and Carol Schwartz. Then in the primary, Gray passed countless debates and forums with Bowser.

After all that time, LL would think that Gray knows the mayoral candidates well enough to figure out who he's voting for in November. But no! Gray told reporters today that he still hasn't made up his mind about who he'll vote for.

"Not yet," Gray said of his ballot choice. "We’re working on it."

Gray's reluctance to embrace Democratic nominee Bowser, both politically and literally, has made for one of the general election's most entertaining sideshows.

Meanwhile, some of his old supporters have already made up their minds. The unions that backed Gray in the primary have mostly broken for Bowser, while former D.C. Chamber of Commerce head and Gray stalwart Barbara Lang is backing Catania.

But don't expect Gray to jump in any time soon.

"I'm not going to endorse either candidate today, on anything," Gray said.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Unity Breakfast

    At the Democratic Unity Breakfast in April, Gray gave a fiery speech about how the "protected" seats are un-Democratic, and that Catania would never have had a shot at a Council seat or at Mayor if it weren't for Congress sticking their thumb in our eye.

    It would be bizarre for him to endorse Catania after essentially telling a room full of Democrats that Catania isn't worthy of his Council seat, and that we should rise up and force a change in the law to prevent future Catanias.

  • tony

    Man, I just don't understand Bowser's operatives thinking. Who supports someone for office who berates and insults them? Bowser disses Gray’s School Boundary Proposal but won’t submit one of her own. I get it. The diss against Gray’s proposal is only meant to serve as a signal to white voters that she rejects the thinking of the old black political guard.

    Mayor Gray carries significant weight EOTR. It would seem that Bowser's camp would reach out to him in a more serious and concrete way so as to win his support. However, her white advisers are betting on Bowser been able to compete with Catania on his own turfs.

    Let me say this: Anyone who believes that Bowser can walk into white wards like Wards 3, 2, 1, and 6 and defeat Catania is crazy. Bowser can't beat Catania amongst that demographics. Bowser must do exceptionally well EOTR. By which I mean, she must have a very heavy turnout to offset the beating she will surely take particularly in some parts of Wards 2 and 1. This will require her reaching out to Mayor Gray and his supporters. Otherwise, it will be a long election night for a lot of shocked black folks in this city!

    And to all you black folks who believes that living in a city governed by a White Mayor, White Chairman of the Council and a nearly all- white city council will better serve your interest will face a harsh and irreversible reality.

  • Adam 12

    tony, why does anything have to be about race with you? However, Mayor Gray doesn't have to endorse Bowser or anyone. What can the Democratic Party do to him because he's a lame duck mayor.

  • Adam 12


    tony, why does everything have to be about race with you?

  • tony


    You should pose your question to the people who are responsible for the systemic racism in this country. Be sure to share their response. SMDH!

  • Adam 12

    tony, this is 2014 and racism, slavery, and segregation still dominates in your life. Why do everything have to be black vs. white in your eyes? Yes racism still exist in society, however, you cannot let it consume you. However, I think most white, black, and Hispanic voters see Catania is the best candidate than Ms. Bowser. I've seen a lot of Catania signs west of the park in Ward 3. I seen very little Bowser signs in Ms. Bowser home ward. I am not supporting either candidate. If it were a life and death situation, I would vote for Catania over Bowser. If Bowser is elected, who will run for the open Ward 4 candidate seat. Would you consider running for Bowser's seat, tony? You should consider to run for public office, tony. I admire anyone that runs from public office because there's so much viciousness in politics.

  • tony


    I hate to inform you that racism, slavery(effects) and segregation still dominates this society. That's the hard reality. But, of course, you know this. If not, just take a short trip down to Ferguson, Missouri for reminder.

    Moreover, I don’t have to run for office to understand “viciousness”. As a black man born and raised in the hood, I and others helped put the “V” IN THAT WORD! U UNDERSTAND???

  • White Guy

    This Tony character doesn't understand a thing about segregation in America in 2014 if he thinks racism and slavery dominate. Tony is just rotting in hate. My guess is some people forgot to put the ladder back down for ol' Tone Perhaps his focus was elsewhere (his a'l hole comes to mind) at the time.

  • tony

    This White Guy character is the reason why a Catania victory must be denied!

    Black Power!!!!!!

  • tonysupporter

    I support tony and I enjoy tony's commentary

    as far as race in 2014...
    ferguson,mo hello!!!
    Obama called a muslim
    trayvon martin

    SNL just got a black lady on it's cast like yesterday!!!!

    post-racial society DOES NOT EXSIST, even in 2014!!!

  • SEis4ME

    Because we've been so well served by the black political establishment?

    Catania has this black guys vote.

  • drez

    Gray is a bitter sore loser.
    He diminishes his legacy by acting as he currently is.

  • Anonnier

    tonysupporter - Shh, don't tell Maya Rudolph!

    Tony, if a white guy said anything similar, you'd lose your freaking mind. You are no better than a skinhead.

  • Peter Rosenstein

    I have the greatest respect for Mayor Vince Gray and he has been a great Mayor. I supported him in the primary.

    I believe that when the time comes- and we still have much time before the November 4th election, he will endorse Muriel Bowser for Mayor. He has already made it clear at the Unity breakfast that Catania will not be his choice.

    But like any citizen the Mayor is entitled to take his time making up his mind. It must be difficult to hear criticism of what he has accomplished but I know the Mayor is a politician and he understands what may have to be said during a campaign.

    Take the issue of school boundaries- they will be settled in the first year of the new Mayor's term- but unfortunately they are now coming up in the middle of a campaign when all candidates are vying for votes and parsing the boundaries during a campaign is never going to happen. In many ways the Mayor did the candidates a favor by trying to get this settled before the new Mayor takes office but the timing is slightly off for that to happen.

    Mayor Gray's legacy is ensured already. The city is doing great in every area and had improved under his administration.

  • tony


    Your comment represents the thinking of a "skinhead"!

    Kick rocks!

  • tony


    Your comment represents the thinking of a "Skinhead"!

    Kick Rocks!

  • dcgovcorruption

    As a democrat who has voted for the democratic nominee in mayoral elections since 1978, and a ward 7 resident, I will be voting for the best candidate for mayor this time that can lead the city forward into the 21st century, councilmember catania will be my choice.

  • DCmayorChoicesStink

    Its refreshing to see a politician take their vote seriously, take their time to evaluate the situation and the people running. To vote along party or race lines is foolish at best. Catania is a scary vindicitive man. Bowser is inexperienced and as of late lies in her ads. Schwartz has no chance at winning. We have a lackluster group to vote for so i'm glad Gray is at least hinting at the fact that this is not an easy decision. I myself am still on the fence.

    As for Tony and his Race arguments...As a black guy here in DC I see the lines breaking not along stricktly race but along social-economic lines. Sure it sucks to be black in a white world but what is worse is to be poor. Wealthy and middle-class people do not suffer the indignities that our poor have to endure. Unfortunetly, in most cases black does equal poor.

  • tony


    I would have to respectfully disagree. Race is a major issue in this city and country. And, guess what? It has always been and will always be. I hate to tell you that your social-economic status, whatever it may be, does not increases your stock in this city or country at all as a black man.

    I know it’s not right but it’s the truth. I mean just ask Dr. Gates. You know, the highly regarded black professor from Harvard who was harassed and arrested by a white police office INSIDE his own home. Ask Oprah Winfrey, the black billionaire businesswoman, about the hate mail she receives almost on a daily basis. Ask, some “real” successful blacks in this very city how difficult it is for them to get something as simple as a “reasonable” mortgage loan. Ask the 2 million blacks who faces housing discrimination every year. Ask Eric Holder who was the first U.S. Attorney General ever to be cited for contempt by Congress .Ask President Obama who have been the recipient of some of the most vile and racial attacks ever to be bestowed on the President of the Free World. You see, your social-economic status will never take the place of your black skin.

    Lastly, it's fair to say that some blacks have achieved “middle-class” status in this Country. And many of them have no problem with reminding their less fortunate brothers and sisters of this fact. But, do understand THIS fact. When compared to their white counter-parts, the black middle class are nothing but MIDGETS!

    As Professor Cornell West would say: RACE MATTERS!

  • seDCdude

    LLS at posters trying to downplay racism in 2014, as if anything has changed, when in fact a simple visit to any Ferguson/Mike Brown/Trayon Martin RIP blogs will reveal TRUTH otherwise!

    Tony, they know it very well, but as far as those step n fetch its who believe they have arrived, you get what YOU vote for! Unfortunately, a great deal of BW and gay BM voted for Bowser, and they are the demographic who try hardest to assimilate!

    Grayer days ahead for DC Blacks without the likes of Mayor Gray!

  • Bernard Demczuk

    I have always admired Peter Rosenstein and do so more now than ever. He is the only one
    in this banter that has the courage to give his real name. You go Peter! -Bernard Demczuk

  • noodlez




    Tony: What has Bowser done for Black folks? Hint: Close your eyes and what do you see?